Francois LeGuerrier

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It is at Sutehk's behest that I have the honor and privilege of safe guarding his priestesses and priests against our enemies.

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By Numerius Villius Cursor
By Azeneth

Known Collaborators

Sire TBD
Numerius Villius Cursor
Serapion, the Painted Serpent

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I apologize for rendering your courrier permanently inoperable, Sir, but he failed to identify himself properly.

Commonly Known Information
Name: Francois LeGuerrier, the Hooded Cobra
Notable Traits:Professional, Understated and Conservative Dress Code, Unmistakably smells of blood (Eerie Presence)
Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Followers of Set

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace: Born in 1681, Francois grew up an orphan on the streets of Nice, France.
    • At the age of seven, Francois was taken by a Setite Viper who only went by the name: The Serpents Coils
    • He was raised in the Arena of Thunder where he was taught a formal education and indoctrinated into the worship of Sutehk.
    • After competing in the Blood Rights and emerging victorious, he was given the Embrace.
  • Embrace: Once he was a full blooded Setite, his first assignment was to save guard Numerius Villius Cursor in his journey to America
    • He traveled with Numerius for many years and became a trusted agent and bodyguard for the Priest.
    • Francois built a reputation for being loyal, reliable, and discrete.

Personality traits

  • Owns a Self Defense Dojo in Cripple Creek, CO. There he teaches professional bodyguarding classes. He runs a security consultant firm called Dynamic Solutions International.
    • The dojo mixes setite philosophy and eastern meditation techniques
    • Promising agents become ghouls
    • Dynamic Solutions International is a world renowned and extremely well respected firm used by both mortals and Kindred
  • Francois is a consummate professional in all of his dealings.
    • It is said that he is the one Setite whose word can be trusted when he says he will do something.
  • He dresses conservatively for a Setite and is far more serious.
    • While other Setites have lavish and decadent parties, it is often Francois who is watching the doors and maintaining security.
    • He seems perfectly happy to serve and to not indulge


  • It is rumored that his only indulgence is violence.
    • Kindred whisper of a strong sadomasochist streak hiding beneath the surface and those that have seen him fight swear that they were feared he would not stop
  • Some people say he was involved in the burning of New Orleans in the early 1700's
    • In the ensuing chaos he allegedly killed a nest of Serpents of the Light apostates.

Quotes about Francois

  • "By staying in the motionlessness of its shell, the creature is preparing temporal explosions, not to say whirlwinds, of being." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "A man as honorable and brutal as he is a rare gift in these ages." - Aelfi Utgardson
  • "My fire, my hatred, and my conviction takes form in this Avatar with focused purpose and deadly resolve. We are the eyes, voice and hands of Set, to act on his behalf until our efforts trigger the next World." - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "He about to get fucked." - Amunet, The Hidden One
  • "QUOTE" - Your Name

OOC Information
Player: Danny Vigilante
Player email:
C@M Number: US2014080062
VST: Rob Purdy
Domain: CO-16-D

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