Frank Fontaine

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Acknowledged, as a Camarilla member
Confirmed, as Ancilla

(Ventrue Only)
Vaunted Dignitas
Troubleshooter/Lictor to
Executive Covington-Lockwood


Gens Aquila


3rd Gen: Ventrue
4th Gen: Collat
5th Gen: Titus Venturus Camillus
6th Gen: Gaius Aquillius, Patriarch
7th Gen: Adelaide
8th Gen: (Unclaimed Place in Lineage)
9th Gen: (Unclaimed Place in Lineage)
10th Gen, Sire: Arthur Pembroke
11th Gen: Frank Fontaine
12th Gen, Childer: Victoria Mendez


"Grand ambition can get you everything you desire. Flawed execution will cost you even more.”

The dream of almost any man is to become a King and rule. Some kill for it, some send countless others to die in their name, all in the vain hopes of securing their position at the top. But when you’re born already a King, into a large family of Royalty, the truest victory isn’t to have your own short turn on the throne. The truest victory is the legacy you leave behind. To look upon the Kingdom ruled by another, and by your will and cunning make it a greater thing than it was before.

Coming of mortal age around 1900 in southern California, Frank was the son of a brothel worker and a long-since gunned down outlaw. Keen with numbers and business sense, he had been working the books and making business suggestions since youth. By the time he was twenty he practically ran the establishment. Catching the eye of a traveling member of the Clan of Kings as they passed through, he would later be invited to New York in 1920, where he was Ghouled and brought into the service of Clan Ventrue.

In New York, Frank handled the financial records and front businesses of a Ventrue with mob connections until he was eventually poached by Arthur Pembroke, thereafter handling many of his business affairs across the U.S. Earning his embrace in 1945, and released from accounting a decade thereafter, Frank made his way to Las Vegas and began building his own network of influence, heavily tied into the local growing mob scene. Elegantly handling the extraction of his own and other Ventrue interests in the city in the face of growing influence of the Independent Alliance, he departed in 2005 to travel on Camarilla and Clan affairs thereafter. His impressive financial and business sense proven in Las Vegas, coupled with his keen political analyses at the Final Death of Hardestadt the Younger, earned him the distinction of being named a Machiavellian Prodigy & elevated to Ancilla status.

Now, he sets his sights on Vancouver BC with the same intentions he brings to any endeavor; audit and improve.

Fontaine Logo.png
  • Appearance: Embraced as a man who was no stranger to enjoying life's pleasures, Frank Fontaine is heavy set. Dressed handsomely from head to toe in expertly tailored modern business attire, he is six foot with blue eyes, and sports stylish eyeglasses.
  • Notable Traits: A Paragon of Clan Ventrue, Frank is known within the Camarilla as a Machiavellian Prodigy.
  • Demeanor: Frank exudes an air of professionalism at all times. Pleasant & polite, he espouses decorum.
  • Ventrue Lore: Frank is the Lictor (Troubleshooter) to Executive Covington-Lockwood of Canada.


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