Franklin Walker

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Franklin Walker

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Age: Ancillae
Coterie: The DDL
Titles: Harpy
Player: AJ Gelinas
Domain: Dallas, TX
VST: Contact here!



Description and Notable Traits

  • Frank intentionally wears outfits that clash, especially when performing.
  • He is never seen without a "DDL" patch attached somewhere to his outfit.

Status Traits

  • Prominent, Noble, Guardian as Master Harpy of Dallas
  • Confirmed as an Ancillae of Clan Brujah

Fleeting Status Traits

  • Loyal by Brujah Primogen Simon
  • Loyal by Harpy Gideon Haven



If you've been to Dallas perhaps you've heard of local lounge singer "Fabulous Frank" and the "Bat Pack" performance group with Maximillian Abernathy and Tobias Rocko. Their performances are known locally for their humor and "how did they do that?" Stage effects. Kindred who attend will notice not so subtle (and aggressive) political commentary in their choice of music.

Frank is a founding member of the DDL, a cross Cam-Anarch group founded a century ago in Dallas, and proudly wears their crest wherever he goes. He channels the infamous Clan Brujah zeal into the ideals the DDL was founded on. Whenever this fanaticism is tested he has shown time and time again that he is willing to fight and die to protect those principles.

Currently serving as Harpy in Dallas, which is either the BEST idea or the WORST, depending on who you ask.

Said by Frank

When asked about expanding the local Fame of the Bat Pack across the nation: "Dallas loves us. That's all the fame we need."

On the name of the DDL: "You know when you're a kid and you make a name for your club and you think it's AWESOME then you grow up and realize 'Oh shit that's awful' but everyone knows you by that name now? It's like that. Just use the acronym."

Heard about Frank in the Tower

  • "I'm told he can't punch for shit."
  • "Brujah? In THOSE pants?"
  • "Your gossip goes here."



  • "He's a bit of fun. Look forward to getting my hands.. and other things on him again." --Maria
  • "You know when you're a kid and you make a new friend and you think he's AWESOME then you grow up and realize 'Oh shit, this guy's awful' but everyone knows you're best friends with the guy? It's like that. Just get used to it." --Mendo
  • "Oh how adorable. Look at the Wizard's familiar dance for his mistress." --Mendo
  • ""Tout commence en mystique et finit en politique."" --Dulche Trefau
  • ""Frank reminds me of the white oleander, beautiful, delicate, entrancing. Used to both heal and hurt."" --Dulche Trefau
  • "Heard one of the younger Neonates describe someone as a 'Sensitive Bab'. I think I know what that means enough to say Frank is that. Still, leave him be or I'll hurt you." --Everett Johnson
  • "I am always stuck between give Frank more credit and too much, too much, too much!" -- Natalya Zabirov
  • "What you need to understand is that it's ok when I make fun of him for being a little daisy of a Brujeador, but if you say shit about my clanmate I'll beat you until I'm done reciting every synonym for pain, in every language I know." -- Penny Rodriguez
  • "This fucking guy. Does he ever shut up? I might have to put him in a box if he keeps running his mouth. I just need to put up with him a little longer, then this whole thing will be over and I can get home to Natalya. " --Mendo, 24 May 2019
  • "Quote" --Your Name Here


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  • More to come.