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Commonly Known Information

Name: Frate the Dragon Knight

Alias': Nikandros, Brother, Winged Monk

Notable Traits: Wears the skins of his kills. Bestial features.

Clan: Gargoyle


The creature known as Frate was born of a Gangrel and Tzimisce. Frate has researched his past to rediscover who he was. He believes he was a Tzimisce messenger of the Children of Dracon, and childe of Constantin Odobleja. Who he was as a Gangrel, remains a mystery. He was created at the Ceoris Chantry by The Lady Meliora under the watchful eye of her sire and Goratrix himself. Awakening with no memory of his past, the creature, named Nikandros by his creator, was a blank slate. He learned among the other Gargoyles to stand as a Defender to the Tremere, the Chantry and his creator. Lady Meliora though treated him differently than many of the other Gargoyles. He was her prize creation and extended a gentle hand to him. She taught him academics, language, lores, and science.

Eventually, he fought during the Omen War. He served his Tremere masters obediently. During the war, he was incapacitated and believed dead by the Tremere. His body was brought to the Tzimisce, where they studied the creation. During this inspection, the Koldun discovered that the Gargoyle was once a Tzimisce. He was brought to the voivode of the area and given a new life. In this new life, he sought familiarity. He took on Monk Robes and stayed close to the Children of Dracon. He studied with the Obertus and spent time with members of the Cainite Heresy. When the Anarchs took up the fight, he stood by the young Tzimisce. He defended the holy places and places of knowledge while helping others find freedom.

As the Sabbat formed, he was there. He eventually found himself in Switzerland where he guarded the Black Monastery. It was while he was there the Paths of Enlightenment were codified. He learning the Path of Caine in its current form. It was also at this time that he discovered the true identity (or at least who he believes himself to be) of the Tzimisce he once was.

He lived a life through the Great Wars of humanity and the Great Revolts of Vampires. Eventually finding himself in America with his pack Druzhina. Now with the Unblinded Brotherhood killing multiple members of his pack, he has come to hunt them down in Orange County.


  • 1017 - Born in Baltic region.
  • 1022 - Gargoyles created from Tzimisce blood
  • 1036 - Embraced Tzimisce
  • 1121 - Taken by the Tremere and turned Gargoyle with Gangrel blood. Created by Meliora
  • 1121 to 1200 - Omen War - participates on side of Tremere.
  • 1200 Escapes to Tzimisce lands. First experimented on by the Tzimisce and later welcomed by a voivode. Presumed dead by the Tremere.
  • 1346 - Cainite Heresy and mortal inquisition - Lays low...
  • 1391 - First Anarch Revolt and Vaulderie created - Participated with Anarchs and helped Tzimisce.
  • 1405 - Uprising on Lasombra and Elder Tzimisce - Supported Tzimisce efforts
  • 1485 - Helped Gargoyles when freed
  • 1492 - Sabbat formalized - Officially joins the sect with the Anarchs.
  • 1563 - Sabbat Blitz on Europe
  • 1605 - Meets the young Gargoyle Zoran.
  • 1666 - Black Monastery, Switzerland - codify the Paths of Enlightenment - Guarded the Monastery and discovered his lineage
  • c. 1680 - Meets Greta Odjurhund
  • 1768 - First Sabbat Civil War
  • 1940 - Leave the Old World due to WWII. Connects with Zoran to get the lay of the land.
  • 1957 - Third Sabbat Civil War - Side with Panders.
  • 2019 - Comes to Southern California


Those who have walked the halls

  • The Lady Meliora - The Creator. She gave me a new life and new purpose while at the same time took away from me who I was. I have become better.
  • Nikolas Lazarovici - Before there were sects there was clan. He kept the old ways and imparted that on to Frate and warned him of the dangers of Vicissitude.
  • Shepherd - True to his "cause", we discussed the Anarch Revolt and the paths we chose.


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Looking for Ties

Historical ties

  • Gargoyles in service to the Tremere from 1121 to 1200
  • Tremere involved in Gargoyle experiments or a specific Tremere in service to from 1121 to 1200
  • 1200 to 1391 - Tzimisce in "homelands", especially Children of Dracon
  • Anarchs or Pr-Sabbat 1391 to 1492

Sabbat specific ties

  • European Sabbat for a pack and other ties - 1492 to 1600, 1750 to 1940
  • American Sabbat for pack and other ties - 1940 to Present
  • Tzimisce House
  • Tzimisce allies
  • Ultra-conservatives
  • Other Noddists
  • Gangrel allies (potential teacher for Protean 2)
  • Sabbat who are Keepers of the Sacred Text
  • Lore Masters
  • Sabbat War Veterans
  • Lasombra enemies during 2nd Sabbat Civil War
  • Pander friends during 3rd Civil War

OOC Information

Player: Chris DiAngelo

Player Email:

Storyteller: Erick Quinones

Storyteller Email:

Location: Orange County, CA