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Gjallarhorn (Information Known by the Garou Nation)

Name: Freja Northman
Deed Name: Silvertongue
Notable Traits:
- Has a scar over her left eye
- Had unnatural red hair that she's recently died pink as a symbol of her shared attempts with Peacelily to unify the Fenrir and Children of Gaia
- Dresses in GothPunk style, and known for her recognizable black denim jacket covered in patches and pins.
- Is known for being a smartass
- Was Jarl of the Sept of the Seven Hills for years.
- Has turned her family farm into a kinfolk sanctuary for kinfolk who need somewhere to go, and since the death of Unicorn, that has been extended to the Children of Gaia, Kin, Wolves and Bitten alike.
- The farm runs like a commune - you work on the farm to earn food and board, and you can stay as long or as short as you need to get back on your feet.
- Has raised many an orphaned or related Fenrir Kin baby, some of whom have become warriors of the nation, like Elder Skald Grimm "Born in Blood" Andersson, and Sigurdr "Whispers of Ragnarok" Northman
Current Pack - North Star Thunder
Former Pack - Seven Hills Danger Duo
Sept: Sept of the Seven Hills

The Sarcastic Edda (Biography)

Originally from Germany, her father "helped kick Napoleon out" tends to be the line she feeds folks when they ask about her past. Whether this is a figure of speech or literal is unclear, but seems to be accurate if the rumors of her age are true. She's lived in the mountain forests of Northwest GA for a long time, and she and the oldest member of the Sept of The Seven Hills, IronSights, have been friends for a long time as well. She says she was raised with all brothers, all may as well have been Ahroun, a Philodox Fenrir father, and what she has been heard saying; "My poor, loving Kinfolk Momma." Members of her family alive at the time of the Apocalypse were killed in defense of their once cairn, and though details have never been outlined, it has come to light that some of the pacts made in the past were not recorded, leaving gaping holes in the knowledge of what once was.



Ratatoskr's Diary (Quotes About Freja)

  • She completed her elder challenge with skill and finesse. I was impressed, and I don't say that about a lot of people -- Gunnar_Bjørnson
  • "I've known Freja for years and she's still the same... No you aren't actually listening... I mean she hasn't changed one bit. OK I'll give you that her hair is red now". Annika Freida Gerber
  • "Freja is good people to have in your corner. Also, she understands the need to ask difficult questions which is maybe not rare in a Ragabash but is pretty rare in a Fenrir Elder. I appreciate this about her more than I can say.". Inge Hansen
  • "Oh thank goodness, I was getting worried something bad was going to happen and she stepped up and put herself between us and what was going on. I'm so new to all of this, and with all that was going on, I wasn't sure what I needed to do. She was very kind and very quick to act." - Thaddeus Balthazar
  • "I've always liked the Fenrir. They are stalwart warriors and dive unflinchingly toward their duty to Gaia - and absolutely know how to celebrate. They say what they mean, and Freja from what I've seen is no exception. I'd like to hear her tales, one day." - Unity's Cry

The Well of Urd (Rumors)

  • Freja is older than she looks... by a lot.
  • She killed her family.
  • Freja is illiterate
  • Rumor here
  • Rumor here

OOC Information

Player: Miranda Harrell
Player Email:
Storyteller: Miranda Harrell VST, Ryan Owens DST
Storyteller Email:
Location: Rome/Cartersville, GA

OOC Character Timeline


If you would like to make character ties with Freja directly or through the below NPCs/Timeline, please feel free to email Miranda Harrell

Father [NPC] - Fredrich "Stormrider" Northman - born ?, died 1927
Mother [NPC] - Gertie Northman (Fenrir Kinfolk) - born 1779, died 1861
Vidar "Shatterstone" Northman [NPC] - born 1802, died 2008 - eldest brother, Elder Ahroun. Gruff, tended to not "have a sense of humor" aka very serious, but not without love for his family.
Bragi "Wyrdweaver" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died 1915 WWI - Theurge. The quiet/ "Shy" one. Occultist and scholar of sorts within the family, though to outsiders he could have easily appeared to be an Ahroun with a bunch of Rites.
Magni "Thunderstrike" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died 2008 - 3rd eldest. Short temper, loud - first to laugh but first to throw punches in his temperamentalness.
Mani "Pathfinder" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died ? - 4th eldest next eldest Athro Philodox. Very much a "lawyer" type, Mani was quiet, observant and even handed, but had better humors than Vidar outside of Garou Business.
Vili "Hammerfist" Northman [NPC] - Born 1805, died ? - 5th eldest Ahroun, was equally sweet and a jerk.
Living Family
Sigurdr "Whispers of Ragnarok" Northman - Born in 1934, in 2008 chased his uncles into the Umbra when they disappeared and after more than a year was believed to be dead. Arrived in Atlanta in January of 2019, much to Freja's shock and apparently relief.
Woden - Lupus nephew (PC)
Grimm Andersson - While she raised him to know his true origins, mostly for want of not deceiving him, Freja has always treated Grimm like her own, alongside her nephews.
Seti Northman (NPC Kinfolk) - Much like her mother brought Freja Grimm, Annika brought Seti to Freja when he was a babe, as his parents were killed by BSDs. He has lived with her ever since, and is currently in law school.
Annika Gerber - Distant relation on her mother's side, Freja has done her best to keep up with her Kin, not matter how difficult they make it sometimes.
Character Soundtrack
Immigrant Song - Led Zepplin
Jezte oder Nie - OOMPH!
All The Angels - My Chemical Romance
Witness - Mindless Self Indulgence
Ashes - Celine Dion
Hazy Shade of Winter - Gerard Way
Danny Don't You Know - NSP
1814 - Born homid in the Age of the Storm, Freja Margaretta Northman was born in Stuttgart, Germany to a Get Kinfolk mother and Get father before the Treaty of Paris was signed, in the aftermath of the German Campaign of 1813 when Napoleon was pushed out of Germany.
1819 - Parents and 5 brothers immigrated to America and settled in Northwest Georgia to farm.
1830 - Freja goes through her first change, becoming Ragabash under the New Moon on the first day of Yule
1831 - [Cliath] Sent on her Rite of Passage to find the spirit of local battles, Freja returns beaten and bloodied, but laughing with a token of her fight. Regaling her family Sept of her tale, her eldest brother confirms having followed her and she is named Silvertongue - her words are her weapon, but they also tend come with a price.
1833 - [Fostern] Assigned to “Assassinate” all 5 of her Ahroun brothers in the Assassination Tag challenge her father (alpha of their family Sept) set before her. Told to mark them with a rune in pen without their notice, they were all told she would be doing this. It took a few months, a number of "good natured" fist fights and noogies, but she finally completed successfully.
1835 - [Adren - First time fail, second time, success] the Riddle Challenge is issued by a Galliard Fianna who while not a part of their family Sept was an old friend of Silvertongue’s father. The first time she failed as the riddle the brought back from the spirits was easily guessed. Within a fortnight she was sent out to challenge again, and returned with a riddle that stumped her father, brothers and the Galliard. “Who is that great one who grasps the earth, swallowing wood and water. Bad weather he dreads, wind, but no man, and picks a fight with the sun. What am I?”
"The Fenrir and the Garou Nation survived, at a bloody cost..." ~Werewolf the Apocalypse, pg 86
1849 - 1850 [Athro] Upon discovering that her father has been alive for more than a human lifetime, and despite his best efforts to hide this from her, Silvertongue confronts him about it and is issued her Athro challenge. When it is declared that she must go into the umbra to find an ancestor spirit to learn a tale from. Jokingly, her youngest brother declares it should be Fenris or she shouldn’t bother, but her father specifies any ancestor will do and says he will know if she’s lying. Gone for 6 months, Silvertongue returns with a few new scars and a story that her brothers don’t believe and her father looks upset over - the story having come from Fenris (or at least a facet of Fenris) Himself. She passes.
1861 - Kinfolk mother dies. Silvertongue joins The Valkyria of Freya
1914 - Of 5 brothers, 2 go off to fight in World War I. 1 does not come back. (Bragi and Magni, Bragi dies)
1927 - Father dies when a powerful Bane attacks their small caern. The Sacrifice saves the family and Caern. Eldest brother, Vidar, becomes Alpha
1975 - As an Athro, Freja is given a Metis Fenrir child to care for after his mother is killed in childbirth and father fell to the Spiral to avoid punishment of siring a Metis.
1998 - Forsetti Northman, Freja's many times great nephew, and descendant of Bragi is brought to her as a baby - the only living blood relative of which she is aware. *Open tie for who brought her kinfolk to her.
2000 - The Red Star appears
2004 - [Elder] - Freja completes her Elder Challenge by Gunnar SomeineYour Own Size and becomes an Elder.
2010 - On the same day The Storm Eater is once against trapped at the sacrifice of the High King, her remaining two brothers, Mani and Vili, disappear into the Umbra without a trace, leaving Silvertongue alone for the first time in her life.
2010-2017 - Surviving, wandering, leaving this open for background ties with other characters.