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"All that hate is gonna burn you up kid" | "Keeps me warm" - Red Dawn

Frost Paw 01.png

Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name: Frost Paws
Alias: Frost
Tribe: Wendigo
Auspice: Theurge
Society: Sanctum of Gaia
Pack: Gaia's Shield
Sept: Sept of the Gathering Tides

Homid : Olive complexion with dark wavy hair. He is of average height and build. His eyes, while dark brown, seem to catch the light with a glint of cold in them.
Crinos : White fur with grey fur wrapped up his arms, to his elbows, and his legs, up to his knees.
Lupus : Fur as white as fresh snow, with grey around his paws.

Biography Under Construction

- Frost Paws, as a pup, stood still so long his feet froze to the tundra, turning his fur grey by his feet
- Frost Paws's grey fur won't allow the cold to touch him
- Coats made of the fur stave off the sharpest wind or harshest cold
- Frost Paws killed Ambrose 'Silverheart' Laskaris
- Frost Paws is despised by many of his tribe for his non-Native American appearance
- Add gossip as needed

- 2009 : Year of Birth
- 2010 : Ambrose 'Silverheart' Laskaris, during the battle of the Crescent Moon, saved Frost Paws from a Nexus Crawler
- 2010 : Priscilla to Caribou River Park Reserve (Manitoba, Canada) for safety after the attack on the Sept of the Crescent Moon
- 2013 : Year of First Change
- 2014 : Rite of Passage (Gains Rank of Cliath)
- 2015 : Left Manitoba, Canada to travel
- 2015 : Traveled briefly with Aiden around the US a bit (tag along)
- 2016 : Join the pack Lux Tenebris to help raise a caern
- 2016 : Participates in the raising of the Puerto Rico Caern
- 2016 : Joins the Sept of the Gathering Tides in Puerto Rico

- "I've rarely spent time in the lands claimed by the Wendigo. Frost Paws is the first I have come to know well of that Tribe. If he is any indication of their valor and their loyalty then I should count that lack among the few regrets I have in this life." - Ambrose Silverheart
- "Call for Battle, fight Bane and Fomori. Wendigo came, gave good fight. Hear kill Alpha, will watch close, not allow happen." - Amasis Sabry
- "He is stout. I like him. He needs more confidence in the gifts Gaia has given him, though. But he is young, and that confidence should come in time. Hopefully not too late though. It is hard to tell with the young." - Anton "Guards-The-Door" Rourke
- "Getting to see him as the Garou he is now, makes all that effort worth it when I wisked him from that terrible battle years ago." - Priscilla Lamnidae
- "They say that the young have lost their way, that in these times of Apocalypse we have lost all hope. And then I look into this ones bright eyes and it it is there that I find that hope." - Nedda white eyes -
- " Fierce in his determination, adaptable and strong- A true Gaian Warrior and a loyal packmate" - Raine SafeGuard
- Feel free to insert at your leisure

Primary Items for Ties
- Between 2015 and 2016 : Did I travel around with you while learning about the Nation and the Theurge role? (Fera and Garou welcome)
- Between 2015 and 2016 : Did you mentor me for: Lores, General Theurgy Business, Languages, being Human acting
- Between 2015 and 2016 : Did you mentor me for ideological views?
- Between 2015 and 2016 : Did we protest deforestation or support some other Nature Protection cause?

OOC Information
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Storyteller: Cali Crisler
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