Frost on Branch

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Frost on Branch

Notable Traits: Odd outfits, Pacifist

Pack: The Fixers

Rank: Elder

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Auspice: Ragabash

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Crossroads, OKC

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1986 - Frost on Branch was abandoned into the care of the Den Parents of the Sept of the Quiet Rain, of Oklahoma city. He doesn’t know who his parents are, and if the Den Parents knew, they never told him. The infant Crinos seemed to be perfectly formed, except his left foot was shaped like a mangled claw. Luckily, the Den Parents, Accalia and Macon decided not to spurn the little Metis. Frost grew up secure in the knowledge of what he was, and his Den Parents made every effort to minimize his limitations. Although his clawfoot hampered his physical movements, he soon learned to compensate, developing a stiff gait in Homid form and a three-legged lope in Lupus form that gave him almost normal movement. From infancy he manifested an uncommonly playful temperament along with a sense of daring that pushed him to take risks that kept the Den Parents on edge, expecting disaster. Macon consulted with the elders of the sept, and requested that Frost get special training so that his defect would not hold him back. They traveled to the Sept of Solemn Poise, and arranged for Frost on to study Kailindo with the resident Stargazer, Bhangi White-Crane. The eager young Ragabash readily learned (or tried to learn) anything that was taught to him. 1996 - Frost underwent the first change. His personality and determination won her a place in the Sept. 2009 - Frost was part of the multi-sept force that was tasked with preventing the Devon tower (owned by a subsidiary of Pentex) from being built. He led a pack on the assault on the umbral reflection of the tower. Several packs from several septs were part of the assault, and only a handful survived the battle. Although they were successful in severing the spiritual link to the Deep Umbra, they were unable to prevent the tower from being built. And might have helped prevent the Storm-Eater from crossing over from the Deep Umbra. Unfortunately, Accalia and Macon did not survive the assault. In the aftermath, during construction of the tower in the Material Realm, Frost waged a one-man war of espionage and monkey-wrenching wherever possible. This is when the Oklahoma earthquakes begin. Frost on Branch was charged with the protection of the Theurges during the Rite of the Still Skies. 2010 - The first major earthquake hits Norman OK, weakening the Caern. The Dark Brigade storms the bawn shortly thereafter, and the Sept of Solemn Poise is lost. The few surviving Garou flee to the remaining Caerns, in hopes of making a last stand. Frost became a Guardian at the Silver Fang Great Caern. For over a year, to ensure the Rite of the Still Skies' success, it was Frost’s responsibility to go everywhere his Theurge went, hiding them when necessary, performing reconnaissance for safety, foraging, and physically defending the Theurge so the work could be completed when they were at the Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon, and as part of the overall effort, the Storm-Eater defeated. 2011 - With the local Caerns and Septs destroyed under the assault of the Black Brigade, he wandered quite a bit, without a pack, just looking trying to stave off Harano and see the new world the Garou found themselves in. 2012 - Joins the Concordat of Stars (Time period wide open for ties) 2017 - Sept of the Crossroad is created in Oklahoma City, with Frost as the Fool and pack president of the Fixers.


  • It is hard to find him unwilling to put a positive face to the world. I cannot say if it is because he is Ragabash, a Child of Gaia, or simply someone who has refused to let their situation down. I wonder how much of this will change, now that Unicorn has passed. -- Stasya

OOC Information

Player: Harley Cox

Player Email:

Storyteller: Chris Box

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Location: Oklahoma City, OK