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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jonah Martin, "Full Dive"

Notable Traits: Open Sea Dark Water Homid

Species: Bull Shark

Camp: Betweeners

Sept: Sept of the Shifting Sands


Johah, Full Dive, is the shark who swims the digital sea. He always felt that the divisions judging the digital world as more imaginary than the physical were false, but now that he has awakened as a spirit speaker whose soul is tied to the weaver, he knows it to be true.

Jonah was born in the Tri-Cities. Normally if a rokea goes through a life or death situation that would force them to turn and they're away from the ocean, they just die, even then if they get lucky enough to turn, they immediately return to the ocean rather than stay where they're at. Jonah was different. One day he fell off his waverunner and hit his head while playing in the river without a lifejacket, he'd been making a beer run for his friends and had a keg of beer tied to him to keep it from falling overboard. He woke up nearing the very bottom of the Columbia River, fighting to swim to the top trying to survive. Just as he slipped out of consciousness, the spirit of the river came to him and awoken his change, saving his life. There and then he devoted his life to serving the spirit of the river and when she asked him to aid in the creation of a new caern whose spirit would be a reflection of her own, he gladly did as he was asked.

In many ways, Full Dive is more reliant on his mundane hacking skills than his abilities as a rokea. He loves being a shark, but often resents his inability to learn the weaver gifts of the Glass Walkers and Ananasi. His inability to exist as data within the digital world feel to him like a great shortcoming which he wishes he could overcome, but he knows that he'll likely never find another shark who will ever understand so he keeps his mouth shut about it. Still, he loves movies like Ghost in the Shell and Sword Art Online, and imagines exchanging his flesh for the pure spiritual ecstasy of the web, an boundless space where he can swim in a sea of information and spiritual wisdom reaching out into the cosmic infinite.

Basic Timeline: Year the character is born: 1985 Year the character underwent their First Change: 2011 Year the character joined their current Sept.: Assisted in its founding in 2014


  • Possesses Weaver Affinity.
  • One of the Greatest Hackers Alive.
  • All your base belong to me.

OOC Information

Player: James Brittain

Player Email: joanofarcproductions@gmail.com

Storyteller: Tiffany Whitelatch

Storyteller Email: tcgarouvst@gmail.com

Location: Sept of the Shifting Sands