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Commonly Known Information

Name: Fylakas

Notable Traits: Loremaster, Linguist, Personal Cult

Society: Cult of Typhon Trismegestus

Clan: Follower of Set


Fylakas is an Elder Follower of Set who has taken up residence in Baltimore, Maryland. He serves as the Priest of the local followers of Set, and has ties to the Greek Societies of the city's Universities.

Fylakas arrived in the U.S in the late 1700's and roamed around the east coast until he settled in Baltimore in 1866. Along with Valerius Established the Temple to Set in the early 1900's. Until July of 2017, Fylakas largely kept to himself, performing his duties as Priest and promoting the Agenda of the FoS in Baltimore. He has become more active in recent nights.


  • He never shows his true face.
  • Is a Sorcerer.

OOC Information

Player: Charles Lloyd

Player Email: Charpelle@gmail.com

Storyteller: Robert Paul

Storyteller Email: md.camanarch.vst@gmail.com Location: Baltimore, MD