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Lupus Silver Fangs Ragabash Fool

Information Known by the Garou Nation


House: Wyrmfoe

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank: Elder

Breed: Lupus

Notable Traits: Heroic Lineage, Walks with a Limp

Pack: Dreams of Glory

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the White Fields


Cliath and the Human World

GLORIOUS was born as a Lost Cub sometime around 1811 to a wolf pack in Western Massachusetts. This was one of the last truly free wolf packs in the area and soon the mortals would believe there were no more. His first change in 1813 led him to the Sept of the White Fields, where it was quickly identified that the blood of House Wyrmfoe flowed through him. The unnamed Cub completed his Rite of Passage by seeking through the ruins of an old Uktena Caern and retrieving a lost fetish. He was somewhat Ironically given the name Glorious, which he immediately changed to GLORIOUS for his insistence on doing things with one goal; increasing the Glory of the Nation.

GLORIOUS was a Ragabash at heart and so tried new things. He worked closely with the Warders and the Bone Gnawers as they moved through the small city of Springfield, helping grow the urban development of the city. GLORIOUS had seen the power they were building too and worked diligently to amass the connections, favors and wealth that would make him a mover in the world of humans. He used this to help hide wolf packs that remained and ruthlessly turned the fledgling industrial center against the Wyrm.

Fostern and the Civil War

In 1827, after many failed attempts, GLORIOUS finally achieved his Fostern status. He mostly failed because the challenges he requested were difficult and he was impatient. His final cliath challenge was a game of Assassin's tag against the Auspice Counsel. He succeeded by stealthily following when the Counsel met one night and waiting for each to leave, finally displaying the patience he had lacked for so long.

In 1830, the Wyrm attacked the Sept of the White Fields. Led by the Lord of Maggots, the BSD’s forces were eventually repulsed. It was here where GLORIOUS showed that, though they were a Ragabash, they were not just a scout. He fought bravely in the battle, winning Glory for his name. By the time the Siege of the War Maker began, he was a deadly war pack alpha, leading his pack in battle and using indirect attacks to try and make the other side bleed worse than his side. The attrition of using the mortals to indirectly attack slowed down the industrial expansion of Springfield, weakening both sides.

In 1843, he introduced his son to the Sept and soon his Galliard child introduced himself as Falcon’s Cry. GLORIOUS had never been prouder.

Then, in 1861, the Civil War started. By this point, Joshua Hunter, as he was known to humans, was in a bind. The War was a chance for Glory and it would be a logical decision to go. The banes produced by War would be powerful and a true Silver Fang would not allow this to happen. He knew that a fast end would be needed. More importantly, Joshua Hunter was having an issue with people. He had been known in the area since he was a “teenager” in 1813. By now, he was 50 years old, but people thought he was in his 60s. Silver Fang Longevity meant he would live long, far longer than he ever expected to, and he would need a new identity if he was to return. The war would give him an out, a reason to leave and “die” but he could not return for many years. It would mean leaving the Sept behind but still... He decided to work as a spy for the Union. He was sneaky, rigorous in his note taking and bold in his efforts. Seemed like a good fit. Over the years he had actually grown careful, avoiding banes instead of charging head in. He had learned from the Siege of the War Maker and was now more aware of how to win Glory without losing his Wisdom and Honor.

His careful planning took a nose dive two years later. 1863, Gettysburg. The Sept of the White Fields had seen many of their younger Garou march with the Union and at Gettysburg, they died. GLORIOUS wasn’t there, of course. He was farther South, causing disruptions to the supply lines. However, the loss of so many Garou he knew, including Falcon’s Cry, hit him like a silver bullet and he fell into a deep Harano, one he would not truly recover from for a long time. Worse, he could not go back to the White Fields long term. Joshua Hunter was “dead” and not nearly enough time had passed for people to forget. He attended his sons Gathering for the Departed, as he skulked through what should be his home, but decided he could not go back to the war. This war had no honor, no wisdom and certainly no Glory. He resolved to leave… everything behind. No more humans, no more money, no more war. No memories of a son never to advance past Fostern. He would live as a wolf until his grief was behind him. He went West, towards the Rockies where there were still wolves and hopefully fewer people. By all rational thoughts, this was a huge mistake as it left the Sept weak and him alone and in Harano.

He would spend the next 6 years away from Garou society save for the occasional Pure Landers, Bone Gnawers, Red Talons and Fera. Harano was not the poison it is today and contemplation of Gaia’s beauty helped ease his soul. The few interactions he had with Garou were mixed bags. Some Wendigo would attack on site and he did not really speak the language of the natives. The Americans of the area were consumed by Greed and he spent time fighting those Banes, though the Gold Rush continued onwards. He was understandably not a hugely welcomed guest by the Bone Gnawers, but his time with them taught him a lot of humility. The Red Talons appreciated a fellow lupus, but he loved his human kin too much to get behind them. He would occasionally find respite with the Uktena, trading stories for shelter or agreeing to fight alongside them against the banes of the land.

It was during these years that he began to find appreciation of things he had long thought of as mundane. He was lupus, he knew the importance of the forest. But he had never seen mountains so tall nor breathed air so thin. He saw the europeans not as a colonizing force but one that was destroying nature. He killed those that hunted buffalo and saw that it did nothing. He threw himself in self mastery, challenging himself to greater and greater feats but always with the idea that recklessly seeking glory would win nothing but ash; true Glory comes when both you and others agree it was worth it five years later. He made friends with a few others, including Counts the Kills, a Galliard of the Fianna.

Adren and the Wild West

In 1871, he challenged a Child of Gaia for the Rank of Adren. He had finally worked through his grief and was challenged to a Dogfight. He was to impress each auspice and one of Wendigo, Red Talons, Uktena, Bone Gnawers and the Children of Gaia. For the Ahroun Wendigo, he fought all of their pack, one at a time. While he won a few, his true victory was the fact he stood back up. For the Galliard Red Talon, they told stories of the lands they had roamed. He won this because he had been he managed to convey the longing he felt for his White Fields. For the Philodox Bone Gnawer, they discussed long into the night the Litany and how different tribes enforce it. He walked away wiser, which was the point. From the Theurge Uktena, he was challenged to restore a lost Fetish of the Uktena. He then gave them his personal fetish, for it had come from one of their lost caerns and he now had the chance to restore it. They, in turn, returned it to him after the challenge. Finally, the Ragabash Child of Gaia challenged him to solve a riddle and he did after talking to the others he had challenged to gain their Wisdom. He might not be the smartest, but that’s what allies are for.

If any would consider his time in the West a mistake, he would counter that this time was the best mistake he ever made. GLORIOUS would spend many years wandering the West from Sept to Sept.

Athro and the Rite of Still Skies

In 1890, GLORIOUS challenged for Athro Rank even as Storm Eater was barreling through the Midwest. He was charged with rescuing a town of kinfolk from one of the Storm Eater's banes, a massive tornado in the real world. GLORIOUS had been recklessly protecting the kinfolk, of all tribes and breeds that he knew of, for the duration of the disaster, so this was nothing knew, but the Bane was stronger this time. GLORIOUS eventually won by grappling the bane at the center of the whirlwind and raking it over and over again. His leg had been badly injured in the fight and he turned it into a Battle Scar. This did lead to a perpetual limp, but he's rarely regretted it. It certainly didn't slow him down enough to keep him from the Rite of Still Skies, where he held the line to give the ones performing the ritual time.

After these events, GLORIOUS decided it was time enough and ran home to the White Fields. He avoided taking any leadership, for he knew that he had been gone for 30+ years and the battlefield would have changed just as he had. He once again set himself up in the mortal world and began to alter the financial landscape. He fought gloriously against War Maker, working tirelessly to avoid a second Storm Eater.

The Great Depression essentially killed Glorious’s connections and wealth. Still, he was Lupus, he could survive. He dropped his wealth to his human kinfolk and worked tirelessly to keep them alive. The children of kings might have no home but they would at least have venison to eat. Further, he made certain to spread this to the kin of others as best as he could. He remembered the lessons he had learned from the Gnawers and respected all beneath him as best he could.

Elder and Businessman

In 1938, Conrad had started getting his success with the War Maker and it was beginning to intensify the war. Glorious challenged for Elder and was told to scout the Armory of the Springfield to determine their capabilities. In February of 1839, he managed to infiltrate the armory. He used the fetish he had carried all those years to appear as a Formori and simply walked through. He fed false information to them about the Sept’s power and got a general idea of the BSDs strength. This was given to the Sept and 5 months later War Maker was destroyed. Glorious left the Sept for a few years, seeking Silver Fang kin to keep a family going, and to produce an “heir” to what he hoped would be his fortune. He spent the majority of WW2 as a wolf, trying to come to grips with the idea of himself as an Elder.

In 1950, he returned to the third Sept of the White Fields and was clearly preparing for the next war. He mentored, he reinvested in his connections, he got ready. In 1959 he brought his son, a kinfolk, to meet the sept. In 1962 he brought his daughter into the Sept and watched with pride as she took her place in the Cliath Philodoxes.

In 1960 Pentex opened up a plant and the Wyrm grew stronger. Glorious, an Elder and well aware that the only way they defeated War Maker was by weakening it first, advocated to cut them off at the knees with economic powers. Fines, bills, protests, he began to working influence magic. And in 1965 the entire Sept joined. By 1968 the hated armory was shut and turned into a museum and he celebrated. In 1970, though, it was obvious they had messed up. He watched the masses turned to crime to try and stay afloat and the Wyrm grew ever stronger. Glorious decided to double down and replicated the battles he had done a hundred years before. If they would fight for inches, he would throw the weight of mortal society and bleed them before claws were ever needed.

The Departure

In 1996 the Wyrm attacked. The Hive was back. Glorious decided the best option was to try and work his way into the enemy’s infrastructure and launched a mission to surprise them. This… did not go well. He was jumped by followers of the Wyrm he had not anticipated; vampires and ghosts. Now, any garou worth their salt can fight leeches physically, but the leeches can affect your mind far more easily and he had no ability to combat ghosts. Glorious was assaulted by ghosts and strange visions that he could not see through. They sank their fangs into him and some sort of wyrm poison/contagion was inflicted upon Glorious and he fell into madness. The ghosts and spirits warned him that any other Garou would be infected should they find him. He knew the Litany, he could not return.

When the madness lifted, he found himself away from the Sept, poisoned. They had taken his blood and he could feel disease ravaging him. And infecting the garou… what better way would the Wyrm have than to weaken the Sept with disease? Feverish, and not completely in his right mind, he worked his way to the mountains, seeking the aid of the gurahl, Gaia’s healers. He had worked with them in the Rite of Still Skies and had worked with some of their kin. Perhaps there would be a powerful fetish left behind, hidden away that could purge the poison. Unknown to him his daughter, Balanced Thought, had fallen in the final battles of the Sept.

Here he would disappear from Garou History.

The Return

Then, in 2019, GLORIOUS returned to the Sept of the White Fields. Only Damir was left from the people of the third White Fields, the rest either moving on or having fallen in battle. He found Counts the Kills there as well and was overjoyed to have at least some familiar faces. Within hours of his return, the Sept announced they would be seeking someone to challenge for Fool and GLORIOUS knew the Spirits had called him back here for a reason and stood forward to claim the position.

Not two months later, GLORIOUS participated in the Des Moines Hive Battle, using his own deep seated pain to make the Wyrm's minions know his agony.

In November of 2019 later, his packmate, Peace Talks, arrived in the Sept of the White Fields. The pack name "Dreams of Glory" was finally revealed to the Sept, a noticeable departure from his old pack names.


  • GLORIOUS has only ever ranked up with Glory renown
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