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  • Has fathered in excess of 50 children.
    • He abandoned those children, too.
  • Has killed a dozen women.
    • Is wanted by several government organizations as a serial killer.
  • Successfully mated with a Same-Bito, and has a Rokea child.
  • Is the actual progenitor of the Romanov line.
    • Cuckolded a Silver Fang of Clan Crescent Moon to become so.
      • The Bolshevik rebellion was spurred by Clan Crescent Moon to cleanse his tainted line from their kin.
  • Former Yakuza.
    • That is, after all, where one gets the knife skills to be a world-class chef. Chefs do that.
  • Wiped out an entire family of Yakuza to protect one of his daughters.
  • Personally responsible for the legends of Nogitsune in Japan.
  • Has a soft spot for Corax/Tengu, and will forgive them for pretty much anything.
  • Rumor here.

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  • "Trust and Love are rare commodities for the warriors of Gaia, but that fox manages to inspire both in the strangest of places and the toughest of hearts. He's.. well.. he matters to me." ~ SH4M4N
  • "It is his role to test me. It is his desire to love me. It is his will to teach me. He is my father. It is my hope that he progresses forward and meets me where I stand." -Ava Douglas
  • "Sometimes you find a part of you that you didn’t even know was missing, miles away from your home. I found that in Nikita, in a beautiful distant land I knew so little about. He is a part of my life, a part of my journey now. We don’t always get to walk it together through the years; but when we do, it is all the more joyful for his presence." Denali Deep-Song
  • "My Papa has a good heart. He tries his best, and though he often falls short of the expectations of his children, he loves each of us in his own way." - Katie Roman
  • "I am lost. I will walk with you for a time and share what food I can hunt. Paper Wolf
  • "My Grandson. He is a good child. He fell so low but even a monkey falls from the tree. He pulled himself back up and with a gentle nudge from those who love him he rose to new heights. I can only hope that he continues to smile for it washes away the darkness in this horrible age." -Sarah "Clean Plate" Romanov
  • "Koizumi Arata...Nikita Romanov...Grace of Heaven...it matters little what name he bears or what mask he hides himself behind, there are truths to that man that he will likely never escape. Yet for all of his trials, the hardening and then shattering of his heart, the fire in his eyes has never wavered, never died. Yet all too often, love means nothing compared to spite. We were better to each other than either deserved, perhaps...and certainly worse to each other than either wanted. Yet for all of that, my Arata-San holds a place in my heart that few in my long life have ever been able to reach. Perhaps, someday, something more will come of it..." - Inara Elwyn
  • "I was raised to believe that every story has a lesson, whether or not we'll learn what it is until we need it. The wisdom of those who walked before is not a blade to cut new paths, but a lantern to illuminate what lies ahead as we make our own way. I did not grow up alongside the cultural tradition of my breed. I went to Nikita without a lantern of my own in a wide, complicated, gray world. He gave me a light. Stories - they are the greatest gift any of us can give or receive." Reverie Jones
  • *hysterical laughter*"You should have seen his eyes...Oh man can he make some mean sushi..." Words Like Knives
  • "I think he is watching me. So I watch right back! I am also not sure what those knives are really for but I will find out. The game is on, Fox Stalker!" - Chatterbeak
  • "There are those who sing strange tales about Nikita. I have heard them as surely as you have... and while all tales bear some measure of truth, what they do not bear is the measure of him as a man. When he found himself felled he did not wallow in despair - he rose above it and found ways to bring joy to those around him, even through his darkness. He is an inspiration to me. I am proud to know him. " - Sings in Defiance
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