Gabriel Price

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~~ Dossier ~~

Aliases: mn3m0n1c3ng3l

Sect: Anarch

Clan: Unknown

Generation: Neonate

Lineage: Unkown

Noteable Traits: Known Keyboard Jockey

~~ Data From Backup ~~

  • Goes by the short hand "Gabe"
  • Gabriel has been in Council Bluffs, IA since 1989
  • He's a Commited member of the Anarch Movement & is friendly toward any and all Anarchs in good standing.
  • He shares a house with a Nosferatu Anarch named Karma
  • He does a lot of security work for Chairman (Baron) Dani Milan of Council Bluffs.

~~ Rumors ~~

  • mn3m0n1c3ng3l is part of a kindred hacker group and can be hired if you know how to contact the group.
  • Gabe is notoriously wary of members of the Cam but seems to now be friends with Primogen Devlin Archer of Clan Tremere in Omaha.
  • Gabe has been seen frequently in the company of Charles Raccatore, an Anarch of Clan Ventrue

~~ Known Associates ~~

Devlin Archer

Josephine "Karma" May

Charlie Raccatore


Daniel Milan

~~ Quotes ~~

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~~ That Rockin' Tehno Beat ~~

~~ OOC Information ~~

  • Player: Nicole Powers
  • Player Email:
  • Member #: US2016070050
  • Storyteller: Matthew Powers
  • Storyteller Email:
  • Location: Omaha, NE