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Character Information

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Name: Gabriel Thompson
Clan: None claimed
Sect: Sword of Caine
Location: Island of Martinique
Position: Paladin

Notable Traits:

  • Wears a face mask that is never removed
  • Lurks and observes much
  • Displays toughness, speed

Record of Monomacy

  • Challenged Seth Taggart to Monomacy-Taggart withdraws claiming the mantle of Coward himself - September 2018


There isn't a whole lot known of the Paladin, Gabriel Thompson. He is a well known Knight of the Inquisition that has stood beside Judge Salamanca. From an early point, he is known to translate for the Judge, and take the lead with matters of a Martial need.

Gabriel is a Neonate, and makes not bones to hide or act older. His crude vocabulary and brash words prove his youth, as will his ability to offend just about anyone for the sheer enjoyment of their glares.

Character Opinions

  • "A fool." - Malachi Salamanca
  • "Though he is, at best, a peasant, he is valuable to the church of Caine. My cousin's great failure may well prove itself valuable to the Sword of Caine, I await that day." - Borreroak
  • "His zeal for his faith is not surprising. I just wish he were less self defeating." - Hannah Phillips
  • "Beneath all of him that takes years to get used to is a strong heart" - Obsidian
  • "An interesting Cainite. I do not see him often, but when I have seen him, he has left an impression." - Kelly Pythia
  • "He is a loyal member of the Sabbat...and a loyal friend. Don't fuck with him, if you know what's good for you." - Alexandria Tenebris
  • "He's not the first Cainite to threaten me since I took Archbishop of San Marcos. At least his threat came from the right place." - Archbishop de Herrera
  • "Facinating creature. My stuides into the Cainite condition have shown many to have abandoned there humanity, yet this Gabriel still holds what little he has left. It will be interesting to see how long he can keep it." - David Zimmerman
  • "He is unwavering. Gabriel will be welcome back to San Marcos any time." - Ansel
  • "The Paladin watched, and was watched in return." - Zână
  • "Unhappy is the land that needs a hero, but he fills the role well." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "Gabriel has proved his worth, to the Sword and to myself, many times over. I am proud to call him my brother." - Vivian Kittrell
  • "The evolution of my relationship with Gabriel has been complex and entirely unexpected. I am not who I was when we first met. Enlightenment comes from the most surprising sources - I am blessed to have had him at my side for this journey." - Serafino Morreti
  • "Inquisitors are a funky bunch, some do a lot of barking and threatening and standing in corners looking intimidating. Others actually do shit and prove to the rest of us why we should give a shit about the Inquisition. He strikes me as the latter.." - Mordechai
  • "That paladin? Don't make me laugh. Another windbag looking for a boot to lick. He'd fit in perfectly with the Camarilla." - Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
  • "Gabriel surprises me as someone I can work with. He is professional and devoted... And I appreciate that. Whatever I once thought of him, I do not feel so now. Whatever the case, if there's a fight that needs fighting, he is there, and I feel more secure knowing that." Valerie Evans
  • "I was going to suggest that Gabriel died a virgin (hence his teenage angst) but they obviously stuck a broomstick up his ass and gave it a few twists and shakes first. Come at me, bro!" - KK Ryder
  • "I know the Master was not impressed with the masked man. No Metamorphosist is fond of someone who would hide their true nature in such a gauche way. Mayhaps they are allowed some skill to compensate; the Master does so enjoys a good sparring." - Dr. Nigel Obertus, paraphrasing The Basilisk
  • "If at first you don't succeed, fly, fly, fly, Icarus, before the wax melts onto a heavy letter." - Verkenner
  • "He is rather a mouthy one who enjoys taunting others, I would expect nothing less of the rank and file of the Sword." - Lord Drachenhertz
  • "Paladin Thompson came to the Pioneer Valley to help with the fight against Infernalists which is the job of the Inquisition. He left an Impression on me and my pack, The Black Aces however. I look forward to working with him in the Inquisition as my new path begins." - Daniel
  • "There are many lessons that are given and many lessons that are taught. I will endeavor to accept both, and from him alone." - Skye Noel Livingston
  • "I hear much said about one's clan and am often surprised, among a sect such as ours that praises freedom, the judgement given to those whom we call Pander. I will say this only once; Knight Gabriel Thompson is my brother. I value his ability, his insight, and his worth to me being more than most Ventrue and Lasombra and other so-called'high clans'. It is deeds, not words or blood that define us, and his are greater than most. " - William Carver
  • "I worry so much for him, as he has a tendency to forget about his own safety. But I love him, he is more than my packmate... He is my brother. I will defend him until the bitter end."' - Val
  • "I don't admit this often, even though it's true. There are Cainites out there that make me truly nervous, for one reason or another. Gabriel is one of them. But it's also the Cainites who scare me the most that give me the drive to be better. I wonder what lengths I'll go to in order to no longer fear this one." - Prescott Grimaldi
  • "Gabriel is an asshole. And I don't mean a loveable scamp. I mean an in your face asshole who doesn't give a fuck that he steps on dicks. But whatever he lacks in social skills, he makes up for in his fury, his deadliness, and his passion for his job. Keep him focused on tracking down and destroying Infernalists and their demonic masters. Because when he gets bored, that's when he causes the most trouble." - Archbishop Jimmy Welt
  • "When I first arrived in Martinique I was frightened of Gabriel. He'd scream at people and was just very good at beating things to a pulp. As time went along, I began to relax some around him, but I didn't really understand him. Valerie and Bill helped me see through to the man underneath and I can see what drives him and respect that. I still will stand up against him though when I think he's wrong." - Alida

Character Rumors

  • Believed to be closer to some of his pack than he states, or the Vaulderie can create.
  • He's a fan of Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy,face mask just screams I'm bad ass enough to wreck your day punk!"
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Player Information

Player: Adam Smith
VST: Sam Schroeer
DC: DC Name