Gabriel de la Vallee

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Gabriel de la Vallee

sometimes i wonder
if the world i live in
is one i made up
in my head
that exists only for me

and if that’s true
i don’t mind
because the world i’ve created
is filled with madness
but the best madness i’ve created for myself
is you

Madness, Olivia Cooley


Intriguing, Inspiring, Invigorating… Insidious. A notorious elder of power and prestige. His is a story of having the world at his fingertips, and then watching it crash around him.

Gabriel's story has been spread far and wide, and little is not known about this kindred. He was born to a family of moderate wealth, surrounded by traders and men of commerce. After his parents died he took the business over himself and continued to prosper, using his social prowess and gift of the gab to create rock solid agreements between various communities and types of people. He excelled when it should have been impossible. This did not go unnoticed and he was eventually embraced. His skills could be put to work to create a stronger bond with the Camarilla and with his god given talents he could help translate the new world to his sire.

Over the years that followed Gabriel was kept busy, creating many childer in a short amount of time and encouraging them to create more, each time he oversaw the newest of his lines progress closely and it is rumored that he ruled his family with the blood bond from an early age, unwilling to allow them to have too much control. This seemed to work for him as his powers and abilities grew exponentially and after many decades there was no better man to come to if you needed some esoteric knowledge or ability, or even introduction to a prominent up and comer. It was said there was little he could not provide.
He was known to undercharge and the things he asked in return for some of the most difficult jobs seemed to pale compared to what was being asked of him. Sometimes it was simply another introduction to some neonate, or helping a mortal family for a few months. Business was occasionally conducted with boons, but more often it was some little favor.

In 1998 Gabriels family was attacked and the youngest of his line were destroyed. Over the next 11 years it is said that every member of his descendants was systematically destroyed by the Society of Leopold. Each death paining the elder, but despite his many efforts he was unable to save even one of them. Eventually when the Society had worked all the way back to him he was forced to disappear. It is rumored that its possible the hunters caught up with him, or perhaps he fell into torpor. But what IS known is that he was gone, completely for almost 10 years.

Over the last few months a few letters have found there ways into his old associates hands, letting them know of his intention of reintroducing himself to the world now that it seems the threat may have passed. No one is quite sure what this will mean however. No one has ever seen him without some level of power and strong associates. Will this once triumphant elder resemble any part of his prior life? Only time may tell.

Gabriel Crow.jpg

  • 1530 - Birth
  • 1547 – Gabriel takes over the Vallee family business at the death of his father.
  • 1561 - Gabriel is embraced by Tannesh.
  • 1579 – Gabriel finalizes the accounting
  • 1584 – Embraces his first childer.
  • 1589 – Embraces his second childer.
  • 1592 – Embraces his third childer.
  • 1601 – Embraces his fourth childer.
  • 1609 – Embraces his fifth childer.
  • 1624 - Gabriel meets Avery Michel Latimer at a social gathering for the release of his fifth childer.
  • 1624 – “She” enters his life. A social adversary potentially capable of outsmarting and outmaneuvering him. She’s something he’s never seen before.
  • 1631 – “She” appears on his door, broken and deformed. A shell of her former self, but still more real than anything he’s ever known.
  • 1631 – 1680 – He teaches her everything he has learned about the world and tries to help put her back together. Pulling her out of her hidden chambers to experience the world under his obfuscate.
  • 1996 – Gabriel meets with Anais Palomer on a social visit. This time he agrees to have his fortune told, and it is revealed that his family is in grave danger. Their destruction is imminent.
  • 1998 – Hunters find and kill a number of Gabriel’s Great-Great-Great-Great Grandchilder.
  • 1999 – The red star appears. Shit goes crazy. All of the 12th-14th generations of Gabriels family have been eradicated in a number of small decisive attacks upon their havens.
  • 2002 – A meeting place of the family on the east coast is burnt to the ground with everyone trapped inside. This destroys the remaining 9th – 11th generations of Gabriels line.
  • 2007 – Gabriels first direct childer is destroyed.
  • 2008 – Within 3 months, 3 of his remaining 4 childer are attacked and killed.
  • 2009 – Gabriels final remaining child sacrifices herself to ensure her sire gets away from a war party of hunters. They have out-thought Gabriel at every turn and every attempt he has made to save his children has been for nothing.
  • 2009 – Gabriel disappears completely
  • 2017 – Gabriel sends a letter to a few known associates asking for basic information regarding the world today.

Gabriel Family.jpg

House Isharu

The House Isharu is an ancient one. Well known for its devotion to the occult. Oracles, and Loremasters populate their ranks and are known as second to none in their chosen crafts. While the family may have spread far across the globe, it is said that no greater loyalty lies between kindred than those of this line of Dionysian.

The youngest child of Tannesh, Gabriel has worked tirelessly to strengthen his connections within the Camarilla and act as a point of contact between notable kindred for their mutual benefit. It is said that with the help of his family, there is almost nothing he cannot provide. It remains to be seen if the same will be said now that all of his descendants have fallen. Many of his enemies seem to think he will simply be a shadow of his former self, but any who know him well may not be so quick to count him out just yet.

"Today I choose life.

Every morning when I wake up I can choose
joy, happiness, negativity, pain...
To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices
Today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.


Tannesh Anaïs Palomer Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally

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The Society of Leopold has long had his families number. They are responsible for over 30 of his descendants destruction.

  • "My bright Childe, my prolific Childe, my Childe most filled with sorrow. The lessons he has taught himself through his tribulations are innumerable."Tannesh
  • "Loss changes the heart, the eyes. The world is forever different, and not even the best of revenge can bring back what was ripped away. I mourn for his losses. But it is his enemies I hope to pity."Huld
  • "Elder de la Vallee was very kind during a time when the stars were quite obscured from view. He has always been the consummate gentleman, although I think perhaps his talents are not meant for one such as me."Lilli
  • "We'll just say, in modern day, even a short span of being disconnected can have devastating repercussions."3chelon
  • "What madness is this, a tempest of rage the beast, belayed by stillness of his countenance. If ever witnessed a crack of his visage, pity be your consolation."Gaius_Fane
  • "Two pairs of hands grasped him. One held him under, the other struggled to pull him out. Which pair belonged to me?"Anaïs Palomer


in the city of Seattle

as an Elder

Holds the Fleeting Status:

I am hollow
I am rage
I am mortal man
in cage.

I am peak
I am chasm
I am grotesque

I am hot
I am cold
I am broken,
all told.

— from the poem 'Madness'
by George Cheese

Gabriel de la Vallee

Player: John F.
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Malkavian
Domain: Seattle
VST: Greg B.

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