Gaius Aquillius

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Gaius Aquillius Drusus Crassius.png


Known Name: Gaius Aquillius Drusus Crassius
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Little Rock, AR

Titles & Positions:
  • Paterfamilias, Gens Aquila
  • Executive, South-Central Region (Ventrue Only)


  • Ventrue, First among Eldest
  • Tinia, Mother of Rome
  • Collat, Founder of the Eternal Senate
  • Titus Venturus Camillius, Victor of Carthage
  • Gaius Aquillius Drusus Crassius


  • "Funny, is it not, that old Gaius only raised his head now? I'm not sure there is anything in there anymore, just a shell that Camilla pours himself into from time to time."
  • Is known in some circles as Gaius the Younger, and in others as Gaius the Lesser. It's all a matter of perspective though.
  • "saywhat." - whosaid


  • "Power is not an end, it is a means. Competence is its Father, Duty its Brother, and Responsibility its Child."
  • "A domain is supported by four things. The learning of the wise. The justice of the great. The prayers of the righteous. The valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing without a ruler who knows the art of ruling."
  • "I respect him. He tells me the truth, something that is rare these nights." - Ruby Atomic
  • "Gauis is everything to respect and hate in the Ventrue as a foe. As such, I would rather hurt than end him, or at least kill him last. I think he would appreciate that in his own way, and it is a way to test my own patience in the meantime." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Certain people took people from him. They think they've gotten away with it, but they haven't. Gaius Aquillius knows. When those who took his people from him have long forgotten their deeds, that's when he'll be there, and that'll be the moment the slow-moving bullet strikes." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "Lord Gauis is, in short, Competent. He does not display the failings of egoism so common in our blood. He knows what he is capable of, and contributes his very best to the Clan and to The Ivory Tower. He has survived centuries, and either he has outlived all his enemies, or he simply never made any. Whatever the case, I believe he is a perfect example of the old saying 'slow and steady wins the race'. Afterall, when you have eternity, you don't need to rush into anything". - Ms.Mantle
  • "So, Lord Gaius Aquillius is a meddler? Remove him from the board."- [Unknown, SCR aRST: Masq]
  • "Lord Gaius Aquillius may not be my Ladies ally, but I have found that neither is he her enemy. In this space, he and I work well together." - Maksim Volk, head of Spartan Security
  • "Lord Gaius is the perfect Ventrue. Decadent, honest, and possessing a cold temper that can bend steel and change minds." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "saywhat." - whosaid
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