Gaius Cornelius Scipio

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Information Known by Camarilla

Real Name: Gaius Cornelius Scipio

Known Alias: Lord Asher, Gaius the Elder,

Clan: Ventrue

Title: Lord

Clan Title: Lord (Ventrue only)

Social Class: Elder

Personal Motto: "Aquila non capit muscas,"


  • Abiding: Confirmed, Established, Privileged
  • Fleeting: Honorable, Loyal

Date of Embrace: October 13th, 83 BC

Apparent Age: Mid-Thirties

Physical Description & Background.: Lord Asher is roughly 5'7", stocky build, with thinning hair which he keeps cropped short. A Roman by birth, he can typically be seen wearing formal attire, usually 50-100 years after it was fashionable. Aside from a scar above his right eye from a pre-embrace sword wound, he has no other distinguishing characteristics.

Gaius Cornelius Scipio was the scion of a prominent Patrician family of Rome. A member of the aristocracy, he followed the traditional paths of advancement through public and military service. It was during his service as a military tribune in Gaul that he would first catch the eye of the Ventrue Clan. He would return home from Caesar's early campaigns to serve as Quaestor, where he was unknowingly being groomed for embrace by Septima Domina. A product of an ancient era, Gaius is almost alien in his archaic view of the modern world.

Historical Timeline

  • 83 BC Born in Aquileia, Italy (Roman Empire)
  • 59-50 BC Serves with the legions as a Military Tribune during Caesar's early campaigns (caught eye of Septima's agents)
  • 50 BC Returns to Rome, and is elected Quaestor.
  • 48 BC embraced by Septima Domina (Ventrue) in Rome
  • 32 BC Released from Accounting
  • 120 AD moves to Londinium in the Province of Bitannia,
  • 240 AD moves to Athens in the Province of Achea
  • 335 AD moves to Nicaea
  • 427 AD overcome with grief at the news of the sacking of Rome and the fall of the Western Empire, he falls into torpor.
  • 504 AD awakens from torpor
  • 560 AD returns to Rome in the wake of the Gothic Wars. Seeing his beloved Eternal City in such a desolate state, Gaius weeps tears of blood.
  • 560 AD Moves to the city of Paris
  • 726 AD Longing for the vestiges of his beloved Rome, he moves to Constantinople to rejoin his beloved Sire
  • 1202 AD Constantinople - 4th Crusade arrives, flees city
  • 1203 AD Arrive in Kingdon of Hungary
  • 1241 AD Flees Hungary in wake of Mongol Invasion of Europe
  • 1242 AD Relocates to city of Venice, Italy
  • 1300 AD Residing in Malta
  • 1330 AD slips once more into torpor
  • 1362 awakens and returns once more to his beloved Rome after dreaming of a city of enlightenment.
  • 1400-1493 AD on campaign during Anarch Revolt
  • 1495 back in Rome
  • 1600 returns to Paris.
  • 1700 relocates to England
  • 1850 returns to Malta
  • 1923 slips once more into torpor
  • 1937 awakens from torpor and upon hearing increasing rumors of another great war, looks towards the Americas
  • 1938 Moves to Washington D.C.

The Lineage of

  • Ventrue
    • Antonius the Gaul
      • Septima Domina
        • Gaius Cornelius Scipio


Sebastos Palaiologos

Grand Childer

Harry Massey

Allies & Enemies

The Court

Those Who Serve (Ventrue Vassals)



  • It's been rumored he is an enemy of a certain scandalous Ventrue lineage.
  • Has been known to make war on the Tremere on occasion.
  • Elder Prince Alfonso De Martinez of Columbus.



May have been a participant of the Cainite Heresy.

Is a member of a secret organization of kindred that works to manipulate the Church.

Is rumored to wear gloves when in public.

Some more social kindred have noted that they could tell what he thinks of someone by how he greets them.

Is a collector of occult oddities, most particularly those of a historic nature.

It's been told that while Carthage was being sacked, a young neonate named Gaius was back in Rome raising the price of salt.

May have once been a member of a vampiric order of knighthood, a very long time ago.

Adheres to a very strict, albeit warped code of honor.

He once had a vampiric lover in Constantinople. Some say it was his sire.

Is a scholar of Kindred history, and may have a library full of knowledge considered dangerous by some.

Is part of a coterie to subtly control Camarilla Princes "for the good of the sect"

Never call him by his title, he prefers 'Gaius'.

Wherever he has been active someone has always turned up dead.

Elder Scipio is secretly under life boon to a Justicar, and everything he does is in service to pay that off .

"The only reason so many people like him is because they are blood bonded to him"

Frenzies at poorly executed live music.

All his whores are wayward, that is why nobody has seen them.

Despite all his Roman cavorting, only one person truly has his heart, and no, it's not a Setite.

He is known among well-to-do Ventrue circles as "Caesar of the Night" and high-ranking officials in the Camarilla have taken to calling him "Caesar of the Eastern Seaboard"


By Self

"I am Kindred, and I am Ventrue. I do not rut with the kine in order to elevate them to my equal."
"There is no corner of this earth so remote, no cave so dark that you will not be found and brought to light, and ended."

By Others

"Gaius, like myself, is a true son of Rome. He embodies Rome's breath and will with his mastery of politics and commerce. I took on Rome's heart and mind with her art and her culture. It does my heart good to speak my native tongue with some one from time to time." - Simon Kensington
"Just because Elder Scipio's polite doesn't mean he's going to be nice, many have already felt the blade of his words." Luciana Santora DuVal
"Vexing. Purely vexing. And as intolerable as a Roman could be. Perhaps in time he will learn there are more than carnal pursuits to distinguish his House - until then..." ~ Desmond Aldred
"He came into my life like Hunor, and I eagerly await the arrival of Magor. For no kindred of his standing accomplishes what he does alone." -Valeria Brunsvick
"While I have not seen his face in some time, it is hard to forget. He is as eternal as Rome itself, with everything that entails. It will take a truly heroic effort to make him fall." -Madeleine Tonnerre
"Rome was not built in a day - and like Rome, Gaius is well established in the history of his Clan and the Camarilla. However, is he Caesar or is he Nero?" - Salomé St. John
"He's still a pompous bag of wind. But just when you think you have figured him out, the wind changes direction. That is why he has my respect." - Channon
"He does not so much grasp the nettle as take a backhoe to the meadow."- Cornelia Mowebary
"It comes as no surprise that Elder Scipio was learning the first steps of his unlife while Julius Caesar was declaring himself 'dictator perpetuo'. Living two thousand years rather than two months surely solidifies his strength, but one wonders if he does not look over his shoulder every Ides of March."- Irma Kardos
"As he is a Roman, every problem looks like Carthage. Cross him, and his most likely response will be to lay you, your House, your city, and everyone you ever knew to utter waste." - Torben Kleiber
"Lord Asher moves a mere finger and pawns half a continent away advance. We see him everywhere for his chessboard covers the world over." - Jimmy Kincaid
"Many have attempted to bring me in his orbit, to either assist or impede him, but the whims of Kings bore me." - Thaddeus Moreau

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  • Senator Palpatine
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  • Marcus Aurelius


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Gangsta - Hehlani


The Lion in Winter

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