Galanan Deireanach

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Galan Deireanach

Notable Traits: Distant, remains in the shadows, works through others.

House: Al-Kamini

Clan: Ventrue

Generation 7th


  • 840s - Cinaed mac Ailpin was crowned king of the Picts after Vikings killed the previous king of the Picts
  • 900 - Caustantin mac Aeda, Cinaed’s grandchild, became king of the Picts, but the area and culture began to be known as Alba. It was the beginning of the end of the Picts.
  • 900 - Maiwenn, a medium, was visited by the spirits of fallen Picts, including Fortriu who was cut down by the Vikings. She was warned that the Picts would fall into oblivion and their way of life would die with them. She was given a vision of four elementals joining to save the clans. This spurred her into action. She began watching for the signs to save her people.
  • 901-1049 - Maiwenn and her successors continue to watch for the signs to save their people.
  • 1053 - Galanan born amid a terrible rain storm. Flooding ruins the fields, making them too wet to plant that spring.. He is born with a deformity (talipes calcaneovalgus) that made his right foot curve up and inward. It makes some think the family is cursed. Still his mother will not allow anyone to harm her son, protecting and nurturing him.
  • 1060 – Galanan’s condition worsens and due to lack of medical knowledge, the swelling in his foot is cured by removing the front half of his foot, leaving the boy lame. His mother sends for the finest tutors to educate Galanan. His body may be damaged, but his mind is sharp. The boy takes to the education, straining to be the best in something. Anything.
  • 1061 - The Clan Seers have another vision of the four seasons joining to form a great storm. It is believed that joining those born under portents [Aela, Galanan, Einen] will make the Picts unstoppable.
  • 1064 – Aela (Vekah McKeown) is betrothed to Galanan to strengthen the tribes.
  • 1068 - Aela weds Galanan. She continues to protect the whole clan, leading with her young husband.
  • 1068 – Galanan tries to lead his people through lean times, wars and invasions. Begins to offer trade and support to invaders instead of fighting. Other blood begins to mix in with the Deireanach line.
  • 1069 - Aela gives birth to twins named Ciniath and Lyonesse.
  • 1069 - Galanan learns to shoot a bow and fight on horseback to please his wife. He is never truly skilled, but he makes the effort.
  • 1071 - Aela learns to read and write to please her husband.
  • 1073 – Einen (Erica Bratty) is taken by a Tremere and ghouled.
  • 1074 - Aela swears a vow to recover her best friend from the demons who took her. Leaves and never returns.
  • 1075 – Galanan builds trade routes with the rest of the region and raises his children
  • 1077 – Galanan is taken from the clan and forced into servitude of Malcolm III. He is forced to control logistics for a trip to Rome to legitimize Malcolm's son Edward as king of Scotland.
  • 1078 – Galanan arrives in Rome. Due to his skills at keeping the caravan fed and supplied, he is forced to travel to Constantinople with a caravan carrying an Ambassador.
  • 1080 – Galanan arrives in Constantinople. He is released from service and before returning home, he attempts to procure trade to his part of the world. Gains the attention of his sire.
  • 1080 - the Deireanach are finally wiped out.
  • 1081 – Galanan is ghouled and forced to remain in Constantinople by Ilythia L'ange Du Val
  • 1135 – Galan is given as a gift to his future sire Maryam Al-Karami.
  • 1150 - Galanan is embraced.
  • 1200 – Galanan is released from his Agoge. He returns home to find his entire tribe gone. He mourns his children, thinking them dead and settles back in the lands of Circinn in what is now known as Baniff.
  • 1210 - Being Kindred now, Galanan is able to discover the truth of why and how the clan was destroyed.
  • 1300 - Alea finds Galanan again, her husband having been embraced as well. She now goes by Roidhgach and tells him of their children’s survival. He tells her that the destruction of their tribe wasn’t as natural as they believed. The tribe was destroyed by the very vampires who took the four of them. While it wasn’t intentionally planned, the Jyhad of Kindred politics crushed the tribe. Roidhgach cannot accept this and confronts Olaf about it. When he confesses the truth, she attacks her sire. Olaf subdues and blood bonds her over the next three nights, not willing to lose his childe over a mortal incident. She is forced to leave Galanan again.
  • 1311 - Galanan travels to France to meet with his sire. Finds a young mortal named Philippe Marchand and ghouls him
  • 1314 - Galanan embraces Philippe Marchand.
  • 1346 – The Black Death ravages Europe. Galanan begins to collect humans into small communities based on the feeding needs of other Ventrue. This way the plague cannot kill all the mortals some Ventrue need to feed from.
  • 1351 – The Black Death ends, but Galan keeps the small communities going because he understands the mortal population will not recover for at least 2 generations.
  • 1355 – Galan convinces the Kindred living in the cities and societies of Aberdeenshire to follow the ideas of Kindred unification for the betterment of all.
  • 1360 to 1390 – many of the small communities grow, forming artistic communities and other societies dedicated to the arts and knowledge.
  • 1410 – Galanan travels to Spain to undermine Lasombra progress. What began as a shadow war to control the mortals turned into more open war. Several of his lineage were killed. They pulled out shortly before the founding of the Camarilla.
  • 1453 - Founding of the Camarilla
  • 1454 to 1490 – Galan offers a haven to any Kindred not wanting to get caught up in the Anarch Revolt. He uses his knowledge and influences to protect the Traditions and kindred within his territories. Offers influence, aid, and support to those fighting the Revolt.
  • 1493 - Convention of Thorns. Galanan meets his wife again and two others from his old tribes. The form a coterie, vowing to not only preserve the Pict way of life but to stop the Jyhad from ever destroying another clan or group like that again.
  • 1494 – Galan returns home.
  • 1495 to 1526 – Galan offers influence, aid, and support to the fight against the Giovanni.
  • 1500 - Riodhgach returns to her husband. They have a brief reunion and try to rekindle the love they had in their mortal lives. It fails and Riodhgach enters torpor, hiding in the same cave she awoke in years before.
  • 1500 - Galanan begins to watch over Riodhgach’s torpored body. Seizes the position of Prince to help protect Riodhgach. (VIP spend)
  • 1580 – After spending 20 years attempting to overturn the Protestant Reformation, Galan leaves mortal society. Remains Prince of his domain.
  • 1654 - 1654 - Galanan renounces his position as Prince and travels Europe.
  • 1656 - Galanan embraces Gunnvaldr in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1657 - Galanan returns home to continue to watch over Riodhgach.
  • 1710 - Riodhgach wakes from torpor and finds the world much changed. The subjugation of her beloved homeland by the Normans, culminated in the 1707 Act of Union which created Great Britain, was the final death knell. She adopts the modern use of her name and begins to call herself “Raegan.”
  • 1710 - Galanan cares for Raegan as she tries to re acclimate into the world.
  • 1712 - Raegan cannot handle the changes in “civilized society” in England. She learns of the “new world” and heads to America.
  • 1712 – Galanan travels with his wife to the new world. He settles in Virginia, buying land and building a small crop empire. Changes his name to Galan.
  • 1712 - 1716 - Raegan remains at her husband’s side in Virginia, once again attempting a relationship with Galan. This time both work harder. Galan covering for her ‘absences’ into the wild and her joining him in polite society.
  • 1718 - She travels towards the uncharted territories or “parts unknown” and loses herself to the wilds.
  • 1778 – Mortals start asking questions about Galan not aging. He sells his holdings and hides from mortal society again.
  • 1797 – Galan travels to Cairo to negotiate a truce between Ventrue of his house and Setites controlling the area.
  • 1805 – Galan moves to Baltimore. Retreats further, becoming a shadow, never showing his true face.
  • 1898 - Galan travels to Omaha Nebraska for the Trans Mississippi Expo. His goal is to find mortals to ghoul or embrace who understand the new technologies that are coming to bear. He finds and strikes a friendship and business partnership with Azure Chao.
  • 1915 - Galan and Azure come up with a plan for safe houses and storage caches around the country. The plan is implemented.
  • 1972 – It was discovered, rather quickly, that an Assamite had killed and impersonated a member of the lineage. The Assamite was destroyed, and all lineage members were called in by their sires to confirm their identity. Travels to France.
  • 1975 – Returns to the United States and settled in Barnegat NJ area.


  • Elder Deireanach doesn't really exist. he is a figment created by other Kindred to make it look like they have backing.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Michael Smyrski

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Storyteller: Steven Byrd

Storyteller Email: Location: Barnegat NJ