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  • Embrace date: 539 BCE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Vizier)
  • Sire: Nakurtum
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Unknown (Away from Alamut)
  • ST Point of Contact:Karl Fox - Lineage Project

Physical Description

Galatea is a short, young Greek woman with an easily forgettable face. She does not often pay attention to her physical appearance, as she has never been accustomed to anything but a meager existence and she embraces that in her unlife as well.

Brief History

Born in Ancient Greece as the daughter of a fishmonger, Galatea was used to being ignored. Often called upon to make deliveries for her father, she frequently interacted with those of nefarious backgrounds. Her ability to blend into her environment and absorb complex situations led to her embrace. Her existence in Alamut was similar: she remained quiet, letting those around her reveal their truths. When she did speak, she had an uncanny way of leading the conversation to the end she desired. She developed a reputation as a recluse and was often confided in with regard to secrets, contracts, and other less reputable clan dealings. Eventually she took note of Tegyrius and guided him in the arts of state, such as spycraft and diplomacy. She had cultivated a wealth of knowledge of vampiric and mortal history, leading to offers of a seat on the Council of Scrolls. However, Galatea enjoyed her relative anonymity, the secrets which she could garner because of it, and her ability to leave Alamut as often as required. When Tegyrius fled Alamut and the wrath of the newly awoken ur-Shulgi, Galatea joined him. She had no interest in the new vision the Eagle had for the Clan, and used her knowledge of the Camarilla and its members to the advantage of the Schismatics in negotiations with the Inner Circle.

Current Status

Joined the Camarilla with Tegyrius. She does not seek power within the Sect. She continues to operate from the shadows. She is often involved in high-level boon transactions and Contract work. Her loyalty to the Sect has never been questioned. There is no telling how many skeletons she can unbury if someone draws attention to her.

Known Childer

Vertus Morgan
Julian Aurelius Vopiscus
Elijah Zachaeus

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces:

  • 300 BCE to 1700 CE


  • PC Sects/Factions: Camarilla only.
  • Path: Humanity or Path of Blood.
  • Skills: Investigation, Occult, or Stealth at 3 or higher.
  • Special: Harkening back to her mortal years, she understands how information moves and is traded like a commodity. In order to better use her childer to expand her information network, she embraces those adept at not only skullduggery and rumor-mongering but also those with business acumen. Each of her childer is known for some skill or craft allowing them to reach many people and places. Through these connections, she uses her childer to continue to develop her network of information and boons.
  • Special: Galatea instructed all her childer to join her when she left for the Tower and childer who didn’t were likely forgotten or even put in harm’s way for their disobedience. She expects loyalty and her childer are all controlled, whether through secrets, boons, or a Blood Bond. Galatea will not take the risk that her childer will reveal her hard-won knowledge.


  • Special: Those closely associated with her in the Camarilla can take the Prestigious Sire Merit due to the accord given to such an accomplished vampire in the Ivory Tower.


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