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Commonly Known Information

Name: Garm
Aliases: Garmr
Clan: Gangrel
Social Class: Elder
Apparent Age: 35
Current Location: Toronto, Canada
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Warleader on Toronto assault


A well built man of middle-age, Garm has the complexion and features of someone well traveled. Normally dressed in more practical clothing in stead of fashionable, he often is seen with a colourful scarf and a book in hand. Aside from being well groomed, Garm looks alive, warm to the touch and a drink usually nearby.

Animal Forms:
Garm takes the form of a large, grey wolf. He has also been known to take the form of a Raven when in flight.
Garm has also displayed the ability to shift into a form that resembles a werewolf... but that is quite a rare site.

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Gangrel Symbol.png

Masquerade PC

Player: Neil K
Clan: Gangrel
House: Medullian
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Toronto
VST: aDST Vance & Bernard

I.C. Email: Neil

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Character Information


Generally a polite and social individual, he tends to be more approachable then most elder Gangrel. Not one to get angry easily, he also holds to the tenants of Humanity quite strongly and encourages others to do so as well. While many elders tend to be bad with technology, Garm takes this to a new level. More then just Archaic, Garm doesn't trust technology... and for the most part, it doesn't trust him either. Never does a new gadget misfire more then when Garm tries to use it. While tech may not be his ally, books and stories are a passion. Fiction or fact, a well told tale draws his interest more then most would expect (and is a great way to get his favour).


A Norse Gangrel who survived the hardships and battles of the past, only to see many of his friends and allies die along the way. A Scandinavian Viking, Garm has seen the end of his people, but also adapted and grown over the years. A tale spinner and traveller, he collects the stories of others and seeks to preserve all of his ‘family’. When the Camarilla formed, Garm supported this as a way to survive and bring about needed changes to his kind. With the discovery of the new world, new opportunities awaited to be explored and discovered, like a fresh Viking era. While the Sabbat established themselves as a major force there, Garm had supported the Camarillas expansion there as well. When the Gangrel left the Camarilla, Garm stayed. He argued strongly against leaving, but was unable to sway the clan. With their recent return, he has pushed for their reinstatement as a Pillar Clan & a return of their Justicar. He did support the Chicago Blood Accord treaty with the Sabbat.

Most recently, he has relocated to Toronto, helping to establish a new Camarilla city there.


  • 2017 -DATES
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Known Associates

PC Family


Lineage: House Medullian


Fallen Allies


  • Views all Gangrel as ‘family’, even of Bloodlines.
  • Not good with technology, doesn’t trust it. It doesn’t like him either.
  • Collects stories (oral or written). Feel free to share (true stories or not)


  • Good Hunting
  • Together we shall drink from the skulls of our enemies!
  • Did I ever tell you about the time my sire Roman took a Lupine lover?


  • Garm killed Odin
  • Garm has Sabbat Childer
  • Garm was a werewolf before he was Embraced
  • Garm only drinks werewolf blood


  • Mr. Wednesday - American Gods
  • Rupert Giles - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Old Ben Kenobe - Star Wars

Out of Character


  • reinstate the Gangrel as a Pillar Clan
  • reinstate a Gangrel Justicar / Inner Circle Member
  • adoption of Ravnos as a Gangrel Bloodline
  • include the Anarchs in a Global Sect Treaty

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies

  • bonus to those who like to spin a yarn / tell tales.

Neils's Other Characters

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