Garrett Walsh

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Character Information

NAME: Garrett Walsh
DEED NAME: Heavy is the Mantle
RANK: Fostern
TRIBE: Silver Fang
FACTION: Sanctum of Gaia
HOUSE: Wise Heart
PACK: Heart of Stone

Legendary Lineage

Descendant of Chloe "Hammers the Wind" Walsh

Info Known by Garou Society

Garrett was bitten in early 2015 by Elder Landon Walsh, who bestowed the bite as a dying act after suffering fatal wounds. Garrett has bounced around to a few different Silver Fang caretakers, trying to find his place in the tribe and in the society as a whole. He has risen to the rank of Fostern, but still has very much to learn.

He wields a powerful Klaive and wears matching armor, which are both an inheritance from his lineage. There is much discussion among the Silver Fangs that he is too young and inexperienced to be trusted with such items, but few are left of his lineage to challenge his right.

Rosebriar, Thorn of the Wyld is an elegant broadsword that is sheathed in well-worked leather. The leather is chased in thorny vines and scrollwork. The guard of the sword bears the Walsh Coat of Arms surrounded by roses. When used in combat, the thorns that were not visible on the blade flare to life drenched in the blood of the foe.

Armor of Wyld’s Fang is a deceptively thin jerkin of silvery metal that can be worn under clothing. The throat is clasped by interlocked thorns. If closely inspected each ring is in fact a tiny vine complete with thorns.

When worn together, they grant the wearer, Inheritance of the Wyld - the thorns turn red and plants bow and part before the wearer, allowing easier passage.



  • He's was Fomori tainted before the Bite.
  • He ran with a pack of BSDs after the Bite.


  • "Look, I didn't ask for this, but I'm doing my best. So why don't you either help or fuck off?" - Garrett Walsh
  • "Every action comes with consequences. Some are good. Some ill. My choice to aid a Legend of my House led to that Legend's death. This is not something that I feel guilt for, but it is something that I will learn from. What my lesson is has yet to become clear though, and that, like much else, rests on the shoulders of Garrett Heavy is the Mantle. Perhaps he will prove that the loss of the one who sought him was a price worth paying. I pray it is so. Now more than ever great heroes are needed." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "When one is Bitten, you lose your sense of self. Everything that had come before the Bite is next to meaningless. What comes after the Bite determines exactly what you are made of, and who you truly are. I look forward to seeing who exactly Garrett Walsh truly is." - Dezha Orlova
  • "Garrett is brash and violent, as ahroun of the Garou are wont. However, he has an intelligence and ability to disarm the socially guarded. He is an interesting conundrum." - Josiah

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