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"My conscience hath a thousand several tongues,

And every tongue brings in a several tale,

And every tale condemns me for a villain."

Richard III, Act V, Scene iii



Authority, Commander,
and Sovereign
as Prince
of New York City

Confirmed, Established,
and Priviledged
as an Elder
of the Camarilla


by the Established Elder
Carden d'Vergobret

by the Prominent Luminary Elder

Clan Brujah


Progeny of

Broodmate of

Sire of

  • Little Bird

Progenitor of

Names & Aliases Currently named Garvin McCarthy, born Garbhán Mac Cárthaigh
Known As A Brujah, and a Master Elder of the Camarilla
Whereabouts New York City

Known by the Camarilla

Once upon a time, an Irishman, or more accurately a man of Kerry, upon finding his two sons murdered by the Normans and himself in shackles before his vendetta was completed, prayed for just a bit more time complete his vengeance. Perhaps he ought have been more specific: those Normans are long dead, as are all who remember them, and the Irishman is still here, centuries later. And he's still looking for a fight.

Most of the Camarilla know this elder primarily as a Sabbat fighter, and a very good one, who despite his age seems to take some sort of reckless delight in battle. A man of many flaws, but cowardice not amongst them, and he certainly puts the survival of the Sect (or perhaps the destruction of the Sabbat) ahead of his own personal safety. A fierce opponent of the Blood Accord, for the past decade Garvin has been a creature seeking some sort of fight but finding none... a danger curse for a Brujah Elder.

In over seven centuries of existence, he's proven himself some sort of hero to some, or a cunning foe to others. He's been both a patron and a bane to the Anarch movement, an uncompromising role model to some, or a near insane contradiction that defies any rational theory. However, with all the conjecture about him, there is one thing of which almost everyone who knows him is certain:

Garvin McCarthy is a complete asshole.

Known by the Brujah

Garvin is a rarity amongst elder Brujah: he is an iconoclast. Some might find some contradiction in this and his absolute loyalty to his sects traditions, courtesies, and intrigues, but this is a terribly modern view to take. Garvin is a medieval creature, further he's a medieval Irishman, who remembers when the words "divine right" meant something in mortal and traditional courts. In some ways, history has passed his radical ideas by, leaving him with just an intense desire for conflict. An innate contrarian, Garvin has a tendency to seek out other members of the Ivory Tower and find a point of disagreement, and then devote himself to demonstration of the other vampire's flawed world view. Almost invariably, this is an Elder Ventrue of some ambition and power: Garvin seems to care less for his personal power base as much as he does toppling that of his rivals.

However, if time has not dulled his temperament, it has quieted his nature. He's known for being a man of relatively few words, and an often introspective air. This is less a matter of restraint than it is patience: he's learned that not all castles need be toppled in a day.


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  • There are those who believe that Lucifer is simply God's active agent on Earth, sent to test the faithful, that he serves a purpose on the Divine Wheel as a foil for the ultimate story. This follows the Hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell. Every Hero must have its villain. Garvin McCarthy is mine. — Chaunce duFresne
  • I trust him, entirely, that should tell you everything. - — Mila Rurik
  • Some men just want to watch the world burn, and all the things that people hold dear with it. — Salomé St. John
  • I have been invested in Elder McCarthy's well-being for nearly as long as he has existed. I do not see that changing anytime soon regardless of his preferences. — Irma Kardoș
  • When I think of my childer, my favorite passage from the Christian Bible comes to mind: Proverbs 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. — Carden d'Vergobret
  • He's like a shadow at the periphery of one's vision: a harbinger of unknown, dark possibilities that's unnervingly constant in its presence, yet almost infinitely mutable to any form that will serve its caprices. — Leon Astorio
  • Him and I, we have our... fundamental differences, but we also understand one another. Whatever I feel about his political stance and... sectarian allegiances, I respect his manner and his commitment. He's not an armchair elder machinator who hides behind his minions, he's a front-line hard-charger, a man who appreciates strength in all its forms, and he'll personally back up his bullshit to anyone who wants to try and call him on it. People like him don't usually live that long; if nothing else, respect the fact that he has. — Luca Muscato
  • Some warriors wield steel and fire. Garvin wields status...and in very much the same way and to the same effect. A consummate reminder to do your homework before speaking with him. - Bartleby Crane
  • Who? - Yana Teplova
  • People keep talking about how he has convictions, how he has commitment. But commitment means you don't abandon your cause so you can lord over others. But what do I know, I'm just someone who still fights the Sabbat instead of making treaties with them. So I guess I can't understand Garvin's point of view. - Kyle Morgan
  • I find myself agreeing with more of what he has to say than one might expect... though not everything, by any stretch. I look forward to our next meeting. Perhaps we'll find a chance to debate our views. - Alenzia Komnenos

Rumors and Lies

  • For all his public rivalry with the Blue Bloods, Garvin has a Ventrue lover.
  • Despite being a steadfast champion of the Camarilla, most of Garvin's branch of the lineage have committed themselves to the Anarch Movement.
  • Rumors go here.

Player Information
Name: Ryan H.
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Membership: US2008072639
Domain: NY-004-D
Storyteller New York VST

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