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Veiled Assets
Information Known to the Garou Nation
Name:Gaston Saint-Pierre
Deed Name:Veiled Assets
Formerly Black Tongue
Titles: Truthcatcher and Beta to the Sept of the White Fields
Tribe:Second of the Shadow Lords
Apparent Age:35
Pack:(currently packless)
Sept:The Sept of the White Field
CampLords of the Summit
Society:Concordat of Stars
OOC Information
Player:Jeremy G.
Player Email:

Jeremy G.
Storyteller:VST Apoc MA-005D
Storyteller Email:

Vance W.

Shadlow LordsPhilodox

Gaston Saint-Pierre

Notable Traits

  • Second of the Shadow Lords
  • Known to have contact with a local vampire of the Gangrel Clan, known as "Esther Quill." (Deceased)
  • Den Parent Sept of the White Fields (November 2017 to March 2018)


    • Ariana Saint-Pierre (Shadow Lord Kinfolk, Wife)
    • Matthew Saint-Pierre (Shadow Lord Cliath Theurge, Teenage Son)
    • Joseph Saint-Pierre (Shadow Lord Kinfolk, Todler Son)
    • Millie Johnson (Shadow Lord Kinfolk, Sister to Ariana, currently residing with her mate WaZ)


Gaston was born and raised in the Sept of White Fields.  His mother was Evelyn “Silver Tongue” Saint-Pierre, a Shadow Lord Athro Homid Ragabash, and Alpha to the Eyre House pack.  She died, along with her pack, on May 23, 2009 as they failed to stop a Wyrm Tunnel from opening at Mt. Tom.  Gaston spent the next 6 years seeking revenge.  This leads him to make contact with the Gangrel known as Esther Quill.  In 2016, Gaston was able to convince Ester to risk herself and two of her Childer to help close the same Wyrm Tunnel that killed his mother.  The battle was successful, and the Tunnel was closed with the Wyrm’s forces retreating back into Springfield.   On Feburary 21, 2017, Gaston’s pack and two of their Kin were found dead and drained of all blood in a quarry, a few miles from an industrial park north of Greenfield, MA.  Gaston earned Adren based upon the alliance he made with Esther, and since the death of his pack, other Garou seem to be questioning the validity of his Rank.  

As of September 29, 2017, after gathering evidence to prove his name and validity of his Rank of Adren, the spirits no longer question Black Tongue’s Rank. Black Tongue was able to prove the to Sept of the White Fields that it was, in fact, the Pentex subsidiary Dyantron that had ambushed and murdered his pack and their Kin. Here is the evidence as he presented it:


Date Event
1981 Gaston Saint-Pierre is born to Evelyn “Silver Tongue” Saint-Pierre, Alpha of the Eyre House Pack.
1995 Gaston meets his future wife, fellow Shadow Lord kin named Ariana Johnson.
2000 Gaston graduates from Amherst High School.
2001 Gaston marries Ariana Johnson.
2002 Gaston undergoes his first change. Gaston's first son, Matthew, is born.
2003 Gaston earns the rank of Cliath and joins the Sept of the White Fields. He also joins his first pack.
2007 Gaston earns the rank of Fostern.
2009 Gaston's mother, along with the rest of the Eyre House Pack, are killed at Mt. Tom in a futile effort to halt the creation of a Wyrm Tunnel.
2011 Gaston, desperate to avenge the death of his mother, makes contact with the Gangrel known as Esther Quill to seek an alliance.
2014 Gaston's second son, Joseph, is born.
2016 Gaston convinces Esther Quill and her childer to help the survivors of the Sept of the White Fields attack the Wyrm Tunnel at the Mt. Tom Power Plant. The attack is successful, routing several Black Spiral Dancers and turning the tide of the war against the Dark Brigade in the area. For his actions, unorthodox as they might be, Gaston earns the rank of Adren.
2017 Gaston's pack is ambushed and killed while Gaston is away. The bodies of Gaston's packmates are found in a quarry off Rt. 2 in Greenfield, horrifically mutilated, but there with a conspicuous lack of actual blood at the scene. In addition, a pair of kinfolk who worked with them were found with the blood drained from their bodies. A heavy Wyrm presense is felt in the area. The Talesinger, Henry "Carved from the Trees" McKinnon, leads the investigation into this and blames the attack on vampires. No direct proof is found that Gaston or his vampire allies, the Gangrel, had anything to do with the attack but, in the court of public opinion, there remains many questions. Gaston, for his part, maintains his and his allies' innocence.
2017 (November) Gaston Challenges Mary “Iron Heart” Wylde for Den Parent and is successful.
2018 (March) Gaston is Challenged by WaZ for Den Parent and looses.
2018 (May) Gaston challenges Samson, an Elder Shadow Lord, for the Rank of Athro. He completes his challenge and Samson rewards Gaston with the Rank increase.
2018 (September) Delta accepts Gaston into the Lords of the Summit camp.
2018 (October) Gaston and a team of Shadow Lords create the powerful Fetish dubbed the Crown of Embers:
2018 (December) Gaston secures the titles of Truthcatcher of the White Fields and Second of the Shadow Lords. His pack, The Rising Storm, dissolves, leaving Gaston packless.


  • Gaston can understand Wyrm Speak.
  • Was the death of his pack the result of his alliance with the vampires or not? Some say the scene seemed staged...not the typical leech secrecy.
  • Has Ariana started divorce proceedings and is looking to move away with their sons?



  • "Quote."


  • Before "Gaston is an exemplary example of a Garou. He is kind, competent, and resilient. There is no better leader for our Nation." - Millie Johnson
  • After "... He couldn't lead his way out of a paper bag." - Millie Johnson
  • "Veiled Assets has aided Oak Vale Sept to replant our Seed. I thank him and would repay him in the future if he or his pack has a need for my skills as Galliard". - Naomi
  • "Quote." - Person