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Character Information

Name: GeGe Giovanni di Jovian


Notable Traits:

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni

Position: Doyen

Apparent Age: 34

Sire: Nunzio Giovanni di Jovian (NPC- New York City)


Sometime in the 16th Century: Certain members of the Giovanni Family, with blessings from Augustus, embark upon a breeding program with the goal of creating a child who will bear all of the prophetic talent and occult talent inherent in the di Jovian line, without losing any of those skills upon Embrace. Over the centuries, there are some promising results to justify the program, but none of the offspring possess the degree of talent desired. Nevertheless, at the urging of Augustus and the other elders in the Family, the experiment continues....

May 24, 1942 – Born in the Hamptons, eldest child of Cesare and Geneva Giovanni-di Jovian.

September 1948 – GeGe, aged 6, is sent to London to begin a classical education.

June 1962 – GeGe, aged 20, graduates from Cambridge Cum Laude with a triple degree in Medieval Literature, History and Psychology. Moves to NYC to begin working for her uncle Nunzio Giovanni-di Jovian.

May 24, 1976 – GeGe, aged 34, receives Proxy Kiss from her uncle Nunzio Giovanni-di Jovian. She is paired up with the Dunsirin known as Liam to amuse their respective Sires.

April 4, 1984 – GeGe, aged 42, is embraced by Nunzio.

June 2002 – GeGe and Liam are sent to San Antonio on a menial task to check on property owned in the King William district and to meet with members of the Pisanob faction. While there, they are invited to by the Camarilla Prince to attend Elysium. Within moments of their arrival, Anarchs sell the guests out to hunters. GeGe and Liam are able to make their escape and eventually return to New York City. GeGe tells Nunzio it was the worst vacation she'd ever taken and that she has no desire to see Texas again.

June 2012 – Ten years to the day after the debacle in San Antonio, Nunzio receives a request from Don Alfonso in San Antonio for GeGe and Liam to work for him. Seeing this as an opportunity to have some eyes and ears on the Pisanob as well as having a more formidable Giovanni presence in Texas, he is happy to agree. GeGe is less than thrilled, but gives no argument to her uncle.

Historical Events Witnessed

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Liam Dunsirn


Word is she was raised surrounded by bodyguards, like she was something special to the Family.

What sort of name is GeGe, anyway?

Seems to have a fascination with wraiths, happy to help others with wraith problems.


  • "Aaaah what can I say about dear GeGe? Precious little appropriate for polite company, turns out. Good thing we avoid such." -Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "I can't believe he called you a whore. I can't wait to see you flay the skin off of him." - Vengeance
  • "She's so powerful, and so nice. Oh my God she's so interesting!" Heather
  • "You are a lovey lady, I think working with you will be such fun." - Mad Dog Jack
  • "She is a skilled necromancer, I have high expectations of her." - Alfonso Pisanob
  • "Quote Here" - PC

OOC Information

Player: Sharon Wodtke

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jason Culwell

Storyteller Email:

Location: San Antonio

GeGe Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Player: Player
VST: Domain VST