Genevieve Bon Vivant

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Known Information

“Sex is kicking death in the ass while singing.”

― Charles Bukowski

=== Commonly Known Information ===

Name: Genevieve Bon Vivant

Notable Traits: Face painted in colorfully accented skull imagery. Shows a lot of skin.

Gang: Deuces Wild

Clan: Samedi

=== Biography ===

It's unknown when Genevieve (called Genna for short) was embraced, but she claims neonate age proudly. She's often seen sporting some kind of showy hat and wearing very revealing clothing despite (or perhaps because of) her rotten appearance. She appeared in the Caribbean and Gulf areas in the mid to late 19th century. She wears her white-haitian heritage proudly, and is every bit as crass, forward, and blatant as her bloodline is known for. She unabashedly tries to bed kindred and kine alike. To hear her tell it, she's more successful than the previous targets of her affections would like to admit.

Baron Bon Vivant

She took up a haven in Atlanta in the young part of the 20th century, earning a reputation as outspoken about her beliefs. She proved herself able to secure, transport, or offload unusual/valuable cargo. She became Baron of Atlanta at the start of the 21st century. After much work and negotiation with the Doyen of the IA and the Prince of the Atlanta, a Triumvirate Accord was struck in the Summer of 2015, with Atlanta split 3 ways, and Genna joining the other leaders to form a council.


  • "She's got her shit together, which is refreshing in this organization." - Blake Whitehall, Trinity Tech
  • "Genna and me go way back. Met her about the time I was walking away from the Ivory Tower and hiding out among the islands. She helped me get over the darkest period I've ever been through and put me back on the mend. Sure, I get that she puts up a front of being a shambling sex doll, but underneath it all she's probably as close to a sister as I got outside of a rant. It would be in the best interest of your continued survival if you realized how exactly far I'll go for my clique." - Benjamin Scott
  • "She may be young, but that brings a fresh perspective to the table that elders do not provide. I've known Genna for quite some time, and her spirited nature breathes life back into my dull existence." - Siofra
  • "If you like tricksters, you will love Genna. Looking back on what she did - I am grateful. She kept me from making a most terrible mistake." - Yana Teplova


  • Many of her sexual partners are "bug chasers" who believe her lesions and sores to be the result of AIDS
  • Genna has blood-bound the rest of the triumvirate council using her feminine wiles.
  • She will settle any dispute over a game of Settlers of Catan.
  • Seems to attract snakes, though there's some dispute over whether or not she successfully charms them.
  • She goes to zombie walks for fun. Once, some asshole tried to tell her that her "makeup" looked "fake" and attempted to give her tips to improve it. The key words here being "tried" and "attempted"
  • Is actually Sascha Vykos.
  • She once went to Netherworld but couldn't get through it, not because she was scared (ha!) but because everyone else kept mistaking her for once of the scare actors. Including the scare actors themselves.
  • Is secretly on the Path of Ecstasy. Or not-so-secretly.
  • Genna purposefully broke Elysium to remind the IA and Ivory Tower that the Movement doesn't give a shit about their safe places.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Kim Cooper

Player Email: [1]

Storyteller: Clint Hauser

Storyteller Email: [2]

Location: Atlanta, GA