Genevieve Harte

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The Heart of Harte and Home
Genevieve Harte is an animal rehabilitator licensed to deal with all sorts of wild and domestic species, ranging from the common dog, opossum, or deer all the way up to protected migratory birds and raptors. She is also a psychic, although that isn’t included in the sign for her rehabilitation property - Harte and Home Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Notable Traits

  • Quiet demeanor, somewhat reserved
  • Attended at all times by a large Bernese Mountain Dog mix wearing a service vest
  • Seemingly easily startled by certain sounds, sometimes by things apparently only she hears
  • Can often be heard in quiet conversation with her service dog, Apollo



"She can't even really understand animals, she's just a crazy girl who talks to her dog too much."
"Ginny's property is secretly a safe house for victims of supernatural trauma - just like her."
"She's hiding from something, that's why she isn't seen out in public much."
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Innocent we laugh \ Easily we cry \ Even through the cracks \ We are simply human \ You know we are \ You know we are
Once his teeth were bared \ Though, I really got scared \ Well, excited and scared- \ But he drew me close \ And he swallowed me down \ Down a dark slimy path \ Where lie secrets that I never want to know
This is why \ Why we fight \ Why we lie awake \ This is why \ This is why we fight \ And when we die \ We will die \ With our arms unbound
Do you ever get lost, deep in your thoughts, when you think about the cost of seeing this through \ When you tie your stomach into knots that you don’t know how to undo \ But do you ever have another moment after that, when you can see \ There’s no one way this has to be? \ Or maybe that’s just me

Genevieve Harte

Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Aesa M.
VST: Austin CoD-X VST