George Gibbs

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Commonly Known Information

Name: George Gibbs

Society: Camarilla

Social Rank: Ancilla

Clan: Malkavian

Notable Traits:

  • Nemesis is NJ Transit Authority
  • Member of the Broterie
  • Adopted member of the Lineage of Greybeard
  • Thug/Agent of Chaos/Middleman for hire
  • Active fortune teller


George Gibbs lived the life of an unwanted child in a broken home. He always heard the voices. They always wanted him to do things. Bad Things. The music helped. So did the noises and lights of the Arcades. It was never enough though, and as he grew older the voices grew bolder and more forceful. By his late teens he had left home, doing odd jobs to pay for life in his van. He worked in arcades and with concerts as a roadie. Rock was always there for him, with its loud power and hardcore fans. The bodies had been piling up though, and the poor monster attracted attention of the wort kind.

Gibbs was Embraced in 1976 by a fan of his work, a Malkavian journalist. No sooner did he wake for the first time then all things became brilliantly clear to him. Too Clear. A cacophony of Voices, a maddening array of edicts from the almighty, Visions of truths and futures that called to him throughout the ages. Gibbs' mind fractured even further as he clung to the familiar voice from his mortal life to escape the madness of Knowing. Under his sire's tutelage he was taught the ways of his new life and his new people. The young man had a knack for occultism, using the old Etruscan ways in ritualistic sacrifices to divine truths and summon powers that never came. His Sire showed him the finer points of the arts, what was real and what was all a lie. And then after only a few short years, Gibbs was left to his own devices, free to wander the country with his favorite Rockstars.


  • "We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed... A few people cried... Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty, and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form, and says, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."..... but I also go by Gibbs. Sup."


  • Gibbs is the primary cause for the "Dangers of Dungeons and Dragon" Scare in the 80's.
  • Gibbs is responsible for "Shoulder Pads" in the 80's
  • Gibbs is responsible for the boom in Hair Spray Use in the 80's
  • Gibbs is actually a Brujah.
  • Gibbs is actually a Gangrel.
  • Dark Secret: Gibbs is responsible for the founding of Nickleback.
  • Gives some of the most entertainingly accurate Haruspex readings


  • 1955 Mortal Birth
  • 1971 After his first murder, Gibbs runs away from home, drops out of high school.
  • 1976 Embraced after 5 years traveling the country leaving grisly displays of his early attempts at divination and courting the occult.
  • 1978 Free from his accounting, Finds his way to new york where he meets the first of his long term associates.
  • 1985 Follows his favorite band to Scandinavia, crossing paths with Arnwulf Harbard. He became something of an apprentice to the old Noiad, expanding is grasp on the occult.
  • 1991 Returns to the united states to settle in New Jersey. Purchases and begins expansion efforts on the Casino Pier and Splashdown complex, claiming the area as his personal domain.
  • 1999 Joins the coterie along with several of his local friends. The coterie gains some good deal of notoriety during the ensuing decades.
  • 2006 Totally pulls a Malkavian Prank with the rest of his clan in the Domain of Dover and has the city of Dover renamed Toms River.
  • 2007 His war against the public transportation system's lack of regulation begins. The ensuing campaign of terror would be remembered as the driving force for positive change when you ask Gibbs.

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