Gerard Conroy

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Name: Gerard Conroy
Notable Traits: Permanent Wound
Sept: Hidden Spring

OOC Information | Player: Daniel Briscoe

Storyteller: Stephanie Williams
Location: Austin, TX



Gerard Conroy is a Kinfolk of the Glass Walker Tribe that has made a name for himself in industry, centered around Austin, TX. A known keeper of a variety of lore and stories, Gerard uses his resources, connections, and technological and scientific expertise to assist the Nation in anyway he can. A few years ago, he was rescued from captivity by several members of the Garou Nation from a hive of Black Spiral Dancers - a rescue that left him permanently wounded, though - thankfully - alive.



Gerard is still hunted by Black Spiral Dancers; rumor says he has a secret fetish of theirs that they will do anything to get back.
Is associated with an individual known widely only as 'The Alpha Kinfolk'
Is responsible for the death of several members of The Garou Nation, due to his long-time business in weapons development.
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"Stark is my Rock. With out him I would have failed years ago, he tells me where the ledge is and when to step back. He is my best friend. If you hurt him I will show you exactly why the creatures of Austin fear me and leave me and mine alone." - Jason Rykr
"I will drive to Austin just to have brunch, the conversation alone is worth the gas money." - Paul Lassick
"Gerard is a pretty great example of what makes the Glass Walkers shine. This war took so much from him but despite his pain he perseveres. He's even got a position of trust looking out for the other local kinfolk as I understand it. I'm pleased to have associated with him." - "I had the somber honor of hearing his words during the Concolation. I hope the Garou listen. The injustice done to Ryker and the abandonment of the kinfolk of Austin is unacceptable." - Cat
"It must have been the accent that caught Gma's fancy. He's so prim and proper, I can't imagine it was his sense of adventure." - Bless Your Heart
"He was truly the best of us, and I failed him. I will pay for failing to save him, but not before those responsible for what happened to him pay in blood." - Jason Rykr
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