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"A shadow upon the darkness, his voice a whispering sigh. My blood ran cold in my veins, as he looked me in the eye." - 'Ghost in the Woods', by Sean D Rasmussen


Information Known by the Garou Nation

Deed Name: Ghost-In-The-Woods

Remembrance Name: Imenand, meaning "The hidden one"

Other Aliases: "Jim"

Notable Traits: Generally Quiet, Seems to take everything, even jokes, seriously.

Pack: None

Tribe: Silent Striders

Camp: Harbringers

Rank: Fostern

Sept: Sept of Bayou's Blessing

Position: Guardian

Strider in Crinos.jpg


Not much is understood about Ghost-In-The-Woods origins, even by him. In November of 2010, He was discovered by a pack in Kansas, investigating Bigfoot sightings. A Lost Cub only recently in his first change, he can only remember fragments of his wolf life. Taken into a nearby Sept and raised in the ways of the Nation, they found him to be a quick learner. Though born a wolf, he seemed to take a fascination to the craftings of man, but was very reluctant to socials with non-Garou or wolves outside a one-on-one situation, and wolves seemed to be reluctant to include him in social activities. Being, in some way self-created, a case of social pariah, it shocked no one when he chose the Silent Striders as his Tribe.

As both a Ragabash and Striders, he took to the matter of stealth with gusto. While not as good as other Ragabashes in teaching and pranking, rare was the tracker who could find Ghost when he did not want to be found. His early days was that of a typcial Ragabash before the Apocalypse happened. He earned his deed name and Fostern rank when he scouted out a large force lead by a pack of Black Spirial Dancers, counting out everyone of their number, without being seen. His advanced notice to his Sept allowed them to prepare and execute a devastating ambush.

Soon after that, Ghost-In-The-Woods felt the wandering need of his Tribe, and at the age of 3 years began his travels. It was not long until he traveled to the Southeast region of the United States. When asked why he keeps to that region by his tribesmen, the answer is always the same..."This is where the omens say I should be."

Ghost-In-The-Woods found himself basing out of the Sept of the Rising Moon, and is law in that Sept, eventually joined a pack known as Argiope's Web. Near the end of 2017, Ghost-In-The-Wood raised the ire of the Sept Alpha, leading to challenging the Righ (Douglas Fannon) to protest him being called a Coward. After the interference during the Duel by a packmate (Persona Non Grata)), he left his pack.

Packless again, Ghost-In-The-Woods soon found a new home. After a fight to protect and move the Caern Seed in the area of Houston, TX, Ghost-In-the-Woods became the first shifter to dedicate himself to the new Seed Caern, and shortly thereafter it's first Guardian.

Still packless, Ghost-In-The-Woods strives to serve Gaia, his Sept, and his Tribe as best he can. But he still seems to stand out as that oddity in a Nation of wolves.....the Lone Wolf.


  • He once joined a Pack of Fera to teach his Sept Alpha a lesson about giving silly orders.
  • Hates the taste of pork
  • Went one on one with a Harkel and won.
  • Seems to be a big fan of the Rope-a-Dope, even if he doesn't know what it is.
  • He comes away from spying on Wyrm creatures with more knowledge than the average scout....
  • What is this game of...'Go' he keeps talking about?....A Strider racing game, maybe?.....Wait. Maybe he is just pranking us. And why is that Stargazer smiling at me.....


o"The boy can dance a mean jig!" - Mama Fannon
o"He really knows how to liven up a party. He also showed me that he knows how to get the job done when the sh** hits the fan." - Douglas Fannon
o"It's his own fault for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. Lmao" - Jo Trevino
o"Given half a chance, he would eat and drink me out of house and home, but he's good enough company that I bear it." - Thyra Laskaris
o"A fascinating conversationalist" - Rose Marie Davis
o"Coward? Uh huh. Sure. All I can say is I wouldn't want to fight Douglas, and he did." - Gordon Fannon
o"Damn it Ghost!" - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
o"This guy is a hell of a scout. I mean, he volunteered, so I wasn't gonna say no, but I holy balls, the amount of intel he brought back was damn good. We could sure make good use of him in Houston. Too bad for me he doesn't want to move here..." - Kneecap
o"Your Quote" - Your Name

OOC Information

Player: Michael Gaines

Player Email: Email Me

Apocalypse VST: David Shift

Apocalypse VST Email: VST Email

Location: Houston, TX