Amara Ponleu

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Amara Ponleu

Ghotail the Pure

  • Name: Amara Ponleu
  • Known Monikers: The Pure, Camazotz, Ghotail
  • Notable Traits and Features: He is not made of stone like any other gargoyle, he had an eye missing but it seems he's been able to grow it back.
  • Society: Camarilla
  • Clan: Caitiff
  • Class: Master Elder
  • Position: N/A
  • Abiding Status: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged elder of the tower
  • Fleeting Status:

Courteous by Prince Thaddeus Moreau
Favored by Elder Alistair Mason
Victorious as per the Symbel versus Jade



General Information


  • [End of 1141 - 1142] Created by Saharat.
  • [1142 - 1466] Actively worked toward leading Sentinels in Ceoris and protected the Chantry during the Omen War.
  • [1466] Embraced a Tremere Ghoul about to die named Katarina Ducheisy Gadling. She died, as she couldn't survive the embrace. He then decided never to sire again.
  • [1496] Coordinated his Sentinels squad to attack from the inside of Ceoris and fought alongside other Gargoyles. Before leaving Ceoris, Saharat destroyed the Gargoyle's left eye while Garuda broke its wings.
  • [1496 - 1501] Fled to Portugal with the help of Frate and stayed hidden underground with Nosferatu.
  • [1501] With the help of Elder Helena of the Assamite boarded the first ship going toward what would be known as Brazil.
  • [1502 - 1508] Traveled trough South America with Atl-koatl as a guide until settling in Guatemala.
  • [1508 - 1748] Hidden in the jungle of Guatemala, revered as a God by inhabitants believing him to be Camazotz.
  • [1776 - 1801] Arrival in Alta California, stayed low profile.
  • [1801] Entered voluntary torpor.
  • [1985] Awakened by Enyo & Chuck The Gargoyle who found him while on a recon mission.
  • [Start of April 2020] Declared a vote to remove the Authority of Elder Prince Thaddeus Moreau which failed drastically.
  • [Mid April 2020] He debuted his advancement towards Suspire.
  • [End of April 2020] He declared to clan Gargoyle that he was sorry for betraying them from the start, that he was made a gargoyle voluntary by his Grand-Mother Saharat when he asked them to do so in order to help them control the Gargoyles from within.
  • [April 2020] Declared himself Caitiff has he felt that he was a traitor to his clan.


  • Was actually one of Saharat's mortal blood relatives.
  • Misses working for the Tremere and that's why he's set himself up in a Tremere held praxis.
  • The reason why his only child died was that Saharat imbued his blood with an alchemical component that kills anyone he would try to embrace.
  • His real name would be Goliath but he never caught on and he kept using Ghotail.
  • Careful, a dagger may come flying from the shadows if you harm him or deign to harm him.

Known acquaintances

Known adverseries

Other connexions


  • "So you want my blood Tremere? I shall refuse, even if it is your law, as it would go against the treaty your clan signed at the Convention of Thorns in regard to my freedom of will and body." - Ghotail
  • "Turn around, take your people, and leave. I owe you nothing more." - Niko Koskinen
  • "A man of exceptional nobility, grace and manners. It is my hope to know him better." - Myrium_Oswald
  • "I have yet to decide what I think of him, exactly. But I respect the hell out of him. - Marcus Antoninus
  • "Someone I have come to like. He is pure and more humane than I could ever be." - Amira Kanaan
  • "Come back home, childe." - Meliora

Music inspiration

  • Coeur de Pirate - Child of Light [[1]]
  • Harry Potter - The Prince's Tale [[2]]
  • Untold Bandcamp - Darkness of Light [[3]]
  • An Unfinished Life - Audiomachine [[4]]

OOC Information

Player: Michael Savard
Player Email:
Storyteller: Patrick Gagner
Storyteller Email:
Location: Montréal, QC

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