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General Information

Name: GIdeon

Known to the Sabbat


Pack: Member of Mors Graditur


  • Innate Status
    • Initiated in the Sabbat
  • Fleeting Status

Known to the Tzimisce

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Rumors and Revelations


Gideon is a Cainite of Stalwart discipline. I anticipate with reverence his augmentation of the sword.- Vox Umbra
My Brother of the blood serves a voice of reason. We have our different strengths, as much as we have our different weaknesses. I wait with anticipation the results of his research and experimentation.- Zână
I can think of no other cainite I'd rather have by my side. Why? He'll help me keep the Sword sharp and, if I fail, he'll absolutely challenge me for the better of our Sect. Archbishop de Herrera
You seem surprised that he knew more than you, and then outwitted and humiliated you for all those gathered to see. You should say thank you that he is only exiling you and not claiming your strength for his own use." - Darius Escarra
He has stripped away humanity, but not reason. Peeled back terrible truths, but never broken. His commitment is stronger than bone. Ansel
"You should listen to what this one says. Wisdom transcends politics, after all." Adyton


Gideon has a library FULL of ways to usurp and supplant the wording of the Chicago Blood Accords, and has defended it effectively against a trial of the Prisci Council.

Out of Character Information

Player: Robert Clark

Player Email: Gideon

Storyteller: Kevin Whiteside

Storyteller Email: San Marcos VST

Character Ties

I am looking for ties in the following areas;

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