Gideon Holmes

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Commonly Known Information
Name: Gideon Holmes
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage, Clearly on a Path, Keeper of a Sacred Text
Society: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Lineage: House Parcae
Pack: The Vine of Wisdom

Years Spent in the Dark

Gideon Holmes' parents had been among the first to hear the words of the prophet, Joseph Smith. As such, he grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from a very young age - during the time when the church was facing its darkest days. In the years after Joseph Smith's murder outside of Carthage, the Mormons had retreated to Council Bluffs, Iowa, seeking aid from the government. Aid was finally promised, if a few hundred men would volunteer to join the Army as a volunteer unit for the Mexican-American War. Gideon leapt at the chance.

The patrol was long, and strangely quiet. The only real battle the Mormon Battalion encountered was against a sizable amount of wild cattle. Gideon prayed that he would walk the path of peace, but some part of him, some dreadful part, craved the chance at war. As he weighed what this meant, the Battalion came upon the aftermath of the Temecula Massacre. Gideon joined the other Mormons, guarding the Luiseno natives as they gathered their dead into a common grave. As night fell, Gideon wondered what the point of the journey was. As he knelt to pray and find guidance, something fell upon him.

Gideon dug his way out of the mass grave, joining the Lasombra and, soon after, the Sabbat. Over the next few nights, Gideon tried desperately to reconcile his mortal faith with the Ritae, the glory of Caine, and his talent for Obtenebration. Eventually, he came to a sort of peace. He walks the outer darkness, the place where God's glory is absent but may one day be reconciled. He is no son of perdition - no infernalist, he - but he can bring the darkness into creation as a warning to others. The innocent must be harrowed to see if they are worthy of paradise, and the darkness must stand firm to see if anyone dares stand stronger.

After the Sabbat was driven from San Bernadino County, Gideon wandered for years, finding revelation and purpose in many places. When word spread that the Sword of Caine had managed to purchase Victorville from the Anarchs, he drifted back, happy to be in the presence of old acquaintances such as [Serafino Morreti]. There's much wisdom to be spread in the desert night... ---

OOC Info
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Storyteller: Hannah Letter
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