Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora

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“Ainsi sera groigne qui groigne - Let them grumble; that is how it is going to be.” - Anne Boleyn


Archbishop of the Montreal Diocese-in-Excile
Abbess of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates
Declared Honorable by Archbishop Constantin Odobleja
Declared Courageous by Astraea
Declared Battle-Scared by KK Ryder
Triumphant Former Bishop of Resources under the late Archbishop Claudius Dragos in Montreal Diocese-in-Excile

Known Collaborators

KK Ryder, Coyote, Ductus of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates
Lucian Antonescu Ravnos, Ravnos, Priest of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates
The Basilisk, Malkavian, of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates
Siffer Yvan Xander (SYX), Pander, of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates
House Pythia
Valerie Evans
Tiziano Farnese

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"Family is everything - so choose them wisely."

Commonly Known Information
Name: Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage, Personal Masquerade, never without at least one weapon
Society: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Lineage: House Pythia
Sire: Thomas "Gevurah" Sloane
Faction: Order of St. Blaise

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace:
    • Born in 1822 in Germany; abducted and raised in Italy.
    • Embrace: 1854
  • Post-Embrace:
    • Embrace went very wrong and she never got to know her sire
    • Spends various amounts of times with Tiziano Farnese, who she first met as mortals and then shortly after each of their embraces
    • Has strong ties to the Catholic church
    • Strong believer in the Code of Milan, supporter of the Revisions
    • Moved to Montreal in 1944
    • Finally met her sire when when she arrived in Montreal and he recognized her there
    • Sired at least one child in the 1980s
    • Was an active participant in getting the Sabbat safely out of Montreal in 1998
    • Helped the Sabbat to get situated on the South Shore and save as much of the Archives as possible
    • Operates a Church-affiliated Orphanage
  • 2018
    • Immediately responded to the call for arms issued by Ocean City in 2018 and helped during the fight against the Infernalists
    • Successfully fighting against Heretics in Montreal
    • December 2018: Anointed Bishop of Resources
  • 2019
    • Attended the Ambassador's ball in Fredericton
    • Fought at her lineage's side against Mysancta, got Torpored and declared Courageous for her help in killing the Methuselah
    • Fought against hundreds of UBB shovelheads in Saint John at the side of Camarilla and IA both
    • Attended the Elysium of Montreal on Thaddeus Moreau's invitation and went into torpor during Trial by Combat with him

    • Declared herself Archbishop after Mako's death in December 2019
    • Triumphant for striking the killing blow against an Avatar of a Demon

Personality traits

  • Prefers to keep her humanity for as long as possible as it makes business easier
  • Sarcastic
  • Doesn't jump head first into a fight
  • Protective of her chosen
  • Pack-mom
  • Enjoys Wine, Chocolate, and making waiters tremble in fear if her steak isn't rare enough

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Theme songs

Rumors (Please add some!)

  • She has monthly meetings with the top Cardinal of Montreal who helps keep her humanity under control. But at the same time she helps him break his vow of celibacy pretty regularly...
  • She has eaten a Flesh Heart that included the lost Widows during the loss of Montreal.
  • She was at the Revision of the Code of Milan. But maybe that's just her wishful thinking.
  • She is VERY interested in seeing stories unfold. Weirdly so.
  • Her sire owes her an unlife-time of apologies
  • She has contacts in all sects.
  • She is much more versatile in her talents than she wants people to know
  • She and her on-and-off lover Tiziano and his Child, Valerie Evans, are fighting
  • Rumor has it, the Prince of Montreal knows her real face

Quotes about Giulia (Please add some here, too!)

  • "Her mind, her body, her soul, all share the same qualities. Intriguing, exciting, inebriating" -Tiziano Farnese
  • "She is utterly beautiful and a sister in every sense. There's a kinship there, and I am so thankful to have discovered her so close by, when she could remind my sire of his youth." Valerie Evans
  • "She has a fascinating duality to her. She is sex and guile and fury, but she's pack mom. She'll torment those children of hers and use them as cattle, but the way she cares for them and protects them is difficult to interpret as anything but love." Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
  • In twenty years that I have known her she has proven herself quite the socialite, making friends in high places near and far. I wonder why she stuck around us lowlives and dregs of society. I am flattered that she did." KK Ryder
  • Grinning and laughing, "You love my antics. Do I get dessert if I drink it all?" Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
  • "When I see Giulia I see myself long ago when I was a young Cainite among giants. I wonder if she shall suffer the way I did?" Astraea
  • "The fussing. It must end. We don't enjoy it." The Basilisk
  • "With a little help, she can shine brightly. Literally, and figuratively, though I prefer the former." Thaddeus Moreau


OOC Information
Player: Jelena
Player email:
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C@M Number: CA2017071507
VST: Stephen Mccavour
Domain: Montreal, QC

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