Giulia Elena della Passaglia Giovanni

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Giulia Elena della Passaglia Giovanni

Position: Giovanni Emissary of Orange County, CA

Notable Traits:

  • On a Path of Enlightenment.

Clan: Giovanni


Giulia Elena della Passaglia was born in Hong Kong. Her local family sent her to Venice as a young teenager, and she adjusted to city life quickly. She married as she was directed to, but her husband died after two years. Concerned as to what that would mean for her financial status, she showed up at the door of her dead husband's domitor and offered to take over the job. Her second husband carried the last name Giovanni, and Giulia has kept it ever since. Giulia was quietly competent as a personal assistant to several elder members of the clan in the time that she was in Venice. This allowed her to create a network of contacts of her own that she still accesses today.

Known Associates


  • "She listens to advice, has natural leadership skills, intelligence, and can be trusted to make good decisions. An asset to the Family and a credit to the Della Passaglia." - Saul Rothstein
  • "An excellent individual to have conversations with, either at the more dull events or via letters on long and dull nights" Æthered “The Ancilla”
  • "If her work seems so threatening, it is because it isn't simply eccentric or strange, but competent, rigorously argued, and carrying conviction." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari


  • Giulia had seven husbands in her mortal days.
  • Giulia refused the proxy kiss twice because she wanted to have more children.
  • The incident of 1799? Among other things, it made a Setite blush.
  • Giulia is haunted by the ghost of her dead first husband. It is said that he exacts his revenge on her by killing anyone who gets to close to her.
  • She is said to have a certain weakness for "good Catholic boys".
  • Never, ever ask her about "that one time in Cancun". Trust me.