Glenn "Coop" Crawford

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Glenn Crawford ... usually just Coop.

Clan: Nosferatu

Sect: Camarilla

City: Hamilton, Ontario

Notable Traits: Ugly. Plays Dominoes. Wears Hoodies.


Coop is just Coop, an occasionally insightful and useful Nosferatu who popped up as a newly embraced Nosferatu in Barony of Waterloo, Ontario in 2005. In 2017 he joined the force of Cammies, IA and Anarchs looking to take the city of Hamilton, Ontario back from a collection of idiotic former Sabbat tools, which was successful. In the aftermath both the Tower and the Anarchs set up shop in the city and Coop was elected by his fellow Anarchs to be the Architect of the Sect's territory. Recently, following an encounter deep in the Nosferatu warrens beneath the city of Hamilton, Coop left the Anarch Movement and joined the Camarilla with the assistance of an elder of his lineage. He has offered little word to others as to his reasons for this change. A few months later the new Prince of Hamilton, the Tremere Rowena, made him Sheriff - allowing him to float around the city while hidden and actually tell people to stop being dumb. Well not that he didn't before but this time with Status behind his words.

Quotes (from others

  • "Probably one of the most up-front Anarch Sewer Rats I've ever dealt with. No bullshit and no sectarian games. Just good intelligence. I wish all of my dealings with the Movement were like this. Sadly, they aren't. Cyrus Eddington


  • Apparently he really likes playing dominoes at gatherings.

OOC Information

Player: Bernard D (CA2012080803)

Player Email:

Storyteller: Leanne White

Storyteller Email:

Location: Hamilton, Ontario