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Name: Steven Jacob Anderson
Aliases: D@y G10W
Rank: Elder
Deed Name: Paradigm Shift - Formerly Glow Bug
Age: 37
Current Location: Los Angeles County
Camp CyberDogs (Cyber Doc and Electrical Interface Specialist)
Sept: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom
Pack and Position: Lore Master of No Thru Traffic
Totem Keeper of the Neon Warren


Homid Form: Usually seen in modern armor of sorts, and a backwards hat. Steven is a tall man and holds himself fairly relaxed most of the time, but those with a trained eye will notice he has some kind of paramilitary training in him. He is usually seen with cyber fetishes on his person, whether they actually house spirits or not is up for debate.

Crinos Form: Sleek Black hair with a spine of dark grey, he is a thin Crinos and moves with a silent urgency. In the Umbra, this streak changes colors along the neon spectrum as many of the hair is fiber optic tubes that give him his Deed name.

Lupus Form: Like his Crinos form Glow Bug, is an all black wolf with a Grey steak of fur from the back of his head between his ears all the way down his tail. In the Umbra, this streak changes colors along the neon spectrum as many of the hair is fiber optic tubes that give him his Deed name


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Apoc PC

Player: Adam
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe:Glass Walkers
Faction: Concordant of Stars
Domain: Los Angeles

IC Email: [1]

Character Information


Steven 'Glow Bug' is an upbeat individual, he is eccentric in the way he sees the world and how the spiritual and physical worlds collide. He can generally be seen with a smile on his face, and striving to put one on others as well. When the topics of science and mathematics comes up he perks up even more. When excited he speaks quickly and can usually be seen looking around for the next exciting thing to do. For those that know him well however can see there is deep pain behind his eyes like a solider that has seen one to many horrors of battle, like many of his fellow shifters.


Born March 23rd 1979 Seattle Washington
Steven grew up Sept Adjacent, knew about garou nation, was kinfolk and watched from afar. Raised by Kinfolk parents
1985 6 years old - Showed aptitude with electronics and mathematics. Took apart his nintendo to see how it works and put it back together in working order, Cartridges never had to be blown into again.
1985-95 Breezed through school and highschool, grades were always the easy part.
1995 - Graduated Highschool at the age of 16.
1995-96 - Taking time off for a year, he traveled the country (USA) and europe, seeking out other septs of Glass Walkers to learn from them.
1996 Family could not afford college, but Sept help pay tuition.
1996-98 Was accepted into MIT with a major in Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Advanced Mathematics.
1998 - By 19 and his third year, heavily involved in activism and global responsibility issues. Started Activist Group with Penelope Dawson and they became fast friends
1999 - At rally with Penelope Dawson Black Bloc anarchists are there and start a small riot, Steven loses his shit after brick hits Penelope Dawson(Nicole’s Character) in the head and frenzies, shifting for the first time and becoming a Garou.
99 - Leaves abruptly to Europe without saying goodbye. Finds and is interested by the camp of Glass Walkers, the CyberDogs, is unaware that the Lupus are forced and not willing.
99-'00 - Helps Eradicate the former CyberDogs once he finds out about the atrocities they commit.
2000-05 - After helping rid the Tribe of CyberDogs joins a Militant Sept, Gets Military training from Sept, as it is ran like a para-military Organization.
05 - Pack of Glass Walkers, “The UnPlugged’ forms and begins moving through city Caern to city Caern helping Septs where they could, with the new Gnostic Plague and attack on Caerns all over the world. As they go they set free many lab testing animals, one of which unknowingly will become Scraps who follows behind them helping the rats they rescue.
05-06 - Steven ‘Glow Bug’ Anderson, makes his way with his pack to the Cyber Realm to commune with the Weaver and see if there were any gifts she could bestow to the Garou Nation. She sent Net Spiders and like many Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers they were given information and location of the Storm Eater. Steven stayed behind as his pack made their way back to the Material Plane to spread the information as far as they could. Steven never hears from any of them again, unsure if they ever even made it back. Notices the rat for the first times as she is hesitant to approach and meet.
06-10 - Steven spends time cultivating his presence in the Cyber Realm and helping to protect parts of it during the Wars that began to erupt throughout both the Umbra and the Material World, here he finally introduces himself to Scraps she is a Ratkin and they begin an ‘interesting’ friendship.
2010-2012 - Steven returns to the Material realm with Scraps, he no longer had a pack and found himself in Southern California, the fighting raged on still and many Caerns fell including the great city Caern of Los Angeles. Steven had missed this fight due to his time in the Cyber Realm and regrets it. He and Scraps worked towards clearing out a city in a job they knew they would never complete if alone. They meet Caleb St. Claire The three of them work together, fighting the banes and spirits in the City of Los Angeles.
2012 - Meets Trash Burns Brightly, Crazy Turtle, and forms the pack No Thru Traffic along with Scraps and Kneels to None.
2012-2017 - Works in Los Angeles secure points in and around the City of Downtown. Helps the Sept by planting countless redwood saplings every month.
2010-2012 - Begins correspondence with Genevieve "Denial of Sentience" Parker. Their discussions of cybernetic implants and where the future was going had them debating for many hours on many nights.
2011 - Met Genevieve for the first time, the two get along great and begin a fantastic working relationship. Glow Bug shows her his ideas of integrating his new electrical components with the cybernetics to have a higher success rate of implantation and lower percentage of body rejection. His time in the Cyber Realm exposed many new avenues of science and electrical engineering processes that help him in these endeavors.
2012 - Working with Genevieve to spread the word and show the good that could be done with it. Helps reinvigorate the Tribe in accepting a NEW CyberDogs Camp. One that espouses voluntary implantation for both higher effectiveness in tribal members and for wounds suffered in the fights against the Wyrm.
2015-2017 - Establishes "Cybernetics Chop Shop" in the Cyber Realm, giving members of the tribe the location and route to best arrive. He has been known to give free upgrades to Garou that have suffered injuries in the fight against the Wyrm. And will develop personal modules for those in the Tribe known to be made of Steel Fur. Continues developing his relationship with his pack and cutting a small portion of territory out of LA in what is basically Little Moscow.


Known Associates/Allies


Enemies/Rivals/Jealous Groupies

  • Alistair Cross = Pompous Silver Fang that subjugates spirits not allies with them. Forces them into Fetishes, does not barter with them.
  • Looking for Ties

Fallen Friends


Wise Words of a Technocrat

  • "Umm, just because we are big, doesn't mean we should fuck." - to Scraps about sex with Fera.
  • "I'm gonna plant a new forest of Redwoods for the next 5 years. The Totem will be happy." - about the sept after Redwood became Totem
  • "Your code is deficient, let me rewrite a piece of it and you will be able to function 14% better." - to DJ Sick Puppy in regards to his cybernetics.
  • "She is easy to please, if you have snack, sometimes that includes your exposed body parts...yeah... she's a biter." - In regards to Scraps
  • "He is big, loud, and a fuckin great fighter. He also drinks a SHIT TON of vodka...I dont honestly know how." In regards to Kneels to none
  • "He makes some of the best Talen Food around. I have yet to meet a spirit that didn't want to bunk inside one of his delicious treats." - Crazy Turtle's cooking prowess
  • "The Industrial Revolution is soo 1900s, we are taking steps towards the Industrial EVOlution!" - Explaining the future use of Weaver tech to Tenebrous Harmony


  • "Let's just say that he's going to always do what he has to. You don't have to like it. Just know that it's probably what's remember that he's doing what he thinks is right. Most of the time he's right." ~Penelope Dawson
  • "He ain't bad for man-born. His work speaks for itself and he lets me sleep on his couch some nights. Little too into his computer games though." ~ Trash Burns Brightly
  • "He's first man-shaped wolf friend, so he must be the best because Rat chose him to choose me." ~ Scraps
  • "We disagree on much, his reliance on the Weaver I find troubling, and his beliefs on my actions I cannot fathom how he came to these conclusions, but I will never deny his strength as a Crescent Moon or his dedication to the Nation and Gaia. We need not agree to fulfill our purpose." ~ Alistair Cross
  • "wǒ bù dǒng" ~ Absalom Fennick
  • "It's been great seeing with Seven again after so long. He's just as impressive now as I remember him then. Now if I can just stop farking up during critical missions that end with him getting hurt...*sigh.* I think he still might see me as the little kid that I was before he left." ~ Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Glow Bug may dislike my Tribe, but he still took care of a child when she was lost. For that, I will always be grateful." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "Why is he called Glow Bug? No, seriously." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "We've worked together for years. He has much promise however his lack of respect is going to cause him problems one day that his reputation can't protect him from." - Clickbait Luciano
  • "Foolish, fascist pup." - 'Spector
  • "Good friend, Great ally. Sees the big picture. Thank you for all you do -Raven Uktena Kinfolk

Throwin Shade (Rumors)

  • Steven once had a Bastet Lover when he was in College.
  • Glow Bug, has spent more time with spirits than other Garou.
  • 'Bug is one of the original CyberDogs and escaped the Purge many years ago.
  • Likes Fera more than the Garou Nation.
  • Is the best fighter in his pack, like most glass walkers, he is a master at using guns.
  • Cant stand Silver Fangs after having his heart broken by one of their kinfolk.
  • Has a damn near fully functional replica of R2D2 with a spirit of cunning bonded with it.




Out of Character

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever! ^_^

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