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Commonly Known Information

Name: Goddarah

Notable Traits: Goddarah can be mistaken for nothing other than supernatural. His skin appears to be made from stone, he has a pair of wings that stretch from his back, and a pair of horns that curve upwards from his forehead.

Society: Sabbat (Loyalist)

Clan: Gargolye

Pack: The Order of the Blessed Vitae


Goddarah’s Timeline

1121: Gargoyles are created by the Tremere Virstania.

1133: Tremere Goratrix is exiled to Paris, and Virstania retreats to a cave near Ceoris to continue her work perfecting Gargoyles.

1159: Goddarah is created by Virstania and is used a mindless slave to protect the Tremere.

1167: Gargoyles are revealed to the other Clans.

1472: Goddarah is freed by Telyav Tremere (Cillian Ó Maolain’s Sire, Brian Barnes US2005023028). He joins a resistance movement lead by Virstania to free the rest of his Clan, helping to slaughter as many Tremere as he can find. He meets the Gargoyles Atrox (Travis Clark US2002066204) and Greg Weisman (Octavian Dum US2013020020).

1480: Goddarah meets the Venture Pau Lamarca (Peter Camache US2008072568). They initially establish a positive working relationship.

1493: The Anarch Revolt ends; Virstania goes into hiding. Goddarah follows his Creator.

1496: The Treaty of Tyre is signed, and the Tremere agree to release the Gargoyles and destroy the ritual that made them.

1510 - 1550: Goddarah leaves his Creator’s side, and wanders Italy during the Renaissance period, learning about sculpting.

1516: Goddarah meets the Nos Esteban Villa Lobos (Darold Morris US2010035581). They work together to provide mutual protection.

1537: Goddarah once again meets the Venture Pau Lamarca (Peter Camache US2008072568). Pau agrees to teach Goddarah Animalism in exchange for assisting him in Pau’s smuggling venture on the Mediterranean Sea.

1560: Goddarah returns to Italy to study the sculptures he missed out on while traveling the Mediterranean Sea.

1602: (Cillian Ó Maolain’s Sire, Brian Barnes US2005023028) locates Goddarah, seeking protection as the Telyav Tremere are rendered nearly extinct after losing the support of their parent Clan. Goddarah agrees, and resumes his martial conflict with the Tremere. (Brian’s Sire) converts Goddarah to the Sabbat.

1689: Goddarah parts ways with (Cillian Ó Maolain’s Sire, Brian Barnes US2005023028), and goes to found a Grotesquery of Gargoyles in France. He converts them all to the Sabbat.

1691: Goddarah Sires his first Childer to help maintain the protection of the Grotesquery.

1768: The First Sabbat Civil War. Goddarah and his Grotesquery largely stay out of the conflict.

1789-1799: Goddard uses the cover of the French Revolution to hunt down Tremre throughout France with his Grotesquery.

1803: The Purchase Pact is ratified. It's phrasing sets off the Second Sabbat Civil War.

1812: Goddarah comes to America during the War of 1812 to assist the Sabbat’s martial conflict with the Camarilla in the New World. The rest of his Grostequery goes in search of Virstania.

1815: Goddarah’s Childre is killed in shore raid by Venture Pau Lamarca (Peter Camache US2008072568). Goddarah goes to the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia and enters voluntary Torpor.

1870: Goddarah is awakened from Torpor when the mountain he resides in opens up for coal mining. He leaves the mountains and heads to Massachusetts, hopeful to find a more populous area with better hunting.

1915-20: Leaves Massachusetts to head back to Europe to hunt Tremere and Venture under the guise of World War I.

1920: Returns to Massachusetts and resumes his old hunting ground.

1933: December 21, 1933: At a Synod held in New York, Gorchrist’s doctrine is ratified as the new Code of Milan, negating the Purchase Pact. Addenda were added that same night.

1957: The Third Sabbat Civil War. Goddarah heads to the Berkshires, a remote and mountainous region of Western Massachusetts to avoid the conflict.

1958: Goddarah meets the Gangrel Aloysisu Grant (Steven Kelly US2002021728). They spend time traveling New England together.

1969: Goddarah is contacted by (Cillian Ó Maolain’s Sire, Brian Barnes US2005023028) to watch over Cillian Ó Maolain.

1969 to 1999: Goddarah and Cillian establish themselves in Springfield, MA.

1999 (July2-8): The Week of Nightmares.

1999-2009: The Nights of Turmoil.

2000: Goddarah takes his ward Cillian and they travel from night to night. They avoid the hunters by staying in the remote regions of New England Goddarah explored on his own and with the Gangrel Aloysisu Grant (Steven Kelly US2002021728).

2008: Goddarah and Cillian meet the Pander Spade (AlexVanderpoel US2015060038) and the Gangrel Violetta (Raina B. US2016070015). They form the Pack known as The Order of the Blessed Vitae.

2011: The Order of the Blessed Vitae settles in Springfield, MA. The Order of the Blessed Vitae invests in a communal Haven. Goddarah contacts Aloysisu Grant (Steven Kelly US2002021728) to arrange for the purchase of an abandoned house on the outskirts of Holyoke, MA.

2017: Siobhan, aka “Gun Bunny” (Chloe Vanderpoel US2015060038) joins The Order of the Blessed Vitae.


  • Goddarah still secretly serves his old Tremere masters.
  • Goddarah is the true power behind his Pack.

OOC Information

Player: Jeremy "Geo" Giannetti

Player Email: roleplayingemail1981@gmail.com

Storyteller: Craig Bonner

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.masq@gmail.com

Location: MA-005-D