Godfrey Marcello

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Godfrey "The Sinner"

Notable Traits: The Sinner tends towards frenzying first and asking questions later.

Society: Loyalist

Clan: Tzimisce


Born in 1779 in Verona, Italy. Embraced in 1802 in Prague. In 1849 he Diablerized a Tremere in battle and in a short period of time began to fall victim to rages, and he frenzied constantly in battle. It was worried that he might be falling into wassail but he also gained a name as a fearsome warrior for the Sword, that name was The Sinner, as it was widely recognized that his rages began when he drank in the soul of that Tremere.

 He traveled west across Europe following the flow of civilization to the New World, cutting a path of blood as he went, but even he realized that he was falling prey to his darker self, and vowed that he would not end that way.
 He became reclusive, keeping to himself for years at a time, out of contact with the outside world. In 1937, amidst rumors of widespread war he traveled to America on an ocean liner. He joined a new pack in Vermont in 1940 and became pivotal in many small attacks on the Camarilla. He was changed, however.  He was now cunning and ruthless in battle, exuding a cold anger instead of the wild loose cannon he was previously.
 He was now a self-professed “Master of the Beast”, claiming that he had shackled his shadow self and was in full control of when and where he let it loose.
 In the 1950s he and his pack were sent into Montreal to battle Infernalists residing there, and they had many successes over the following decades battling the enemies of the Sabbat in Eastern and mid-Canada.
 In the time of the Red Star he separated from his pack for several years.  He doesn’t speak much of what happened during that time.
 Recently he was offered the position of Ductus of his own pack in western Canada, in a place where the Camarilla had only recently been driven back. They went ahead, as he intended to wrap up some personal interests before joining them.

 Word has just reached him recently that the Archbishop of the region was killed under mysterious circumstances, leaving the local packs floundering and leaderless. An opportunity to lead without the close involvement of the Clergy was too good to pass up, and he has arrived to join his new pack ahead of schedule, for the Festivo Della Estinto.


  • He was seen aiding Righteous Endeavor in the second attack on Manhattan.
  • He is known to have loud arguments with himself when he believes no-one is around.

OOC Information

Player: Tyler Harcus

Player Email: TheEntiretyofEverything@myself.com

Storyteller: Adam Troczynski

Storyteller Email: sabbat.kelowna@gmail.com

Location: Kelowna BC, Canada