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OOC Information

Player Bio

Player: Tony Haddaway

MES Number: US2002116820

Player Email: madoracl3@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jayme Wooster

Storyteller Email: csprings.masquerade@gmail.com

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado


IC Information

Commonly Known Information

Name: Gore

Notable Traits: Gore is known only for one thing: he kills stuff good. Embraced at the tail end of the 18th century and joining the Camarilla shortly after, he has spent over two hundred years wandering the globe. For a small cost in Boons, he makes problems go away. He is known to be unsocial to the point of ineptitude but smarter than he looks.

Sect: Camarilla

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed (Ancilla)

Position(s): None

Clan: Nosferatu

Rumors and Quotes

  • He has extra eyes. No one has found them, however.
  • He has killed hundreds of vampires, and thousands of humans, in service of Clan and Sect.
  • Place your rumor here!
  • Insert your quote here!


Name: Line of Gran

Progenitor: Gran (Josh Humble)

Sire: Matilda (NPC)

Childer: Rose MacKenzie (NPC)


1755: Gore, then Reginald Watson, was born in Boston, Mass.

1767: At the death of his parents to small pox, Gore takes to the streets. Large for his age, he soon finds solace in the beating and breaking of his fellow man.

1775: Aids the cause of the rebellion by hunting and assassinating individual British officers. Occasionally he takes part in large scale battles, but that is a rarity.

1782: Now that the war is over, he finds he cannot return to civilian life. Instead he spends his days and nights hunting people for money.

1790: Embraced into Clan Nosferatu by Matilda.

1792: Presented to the Prince of Washington, DC and officially made a member of the Camarilla.

1796 - 1899: Discovers once more the joy of the hunt, when he realizes that the Camarilla needs Vampires eliminated just as much as the humans they come from. He spends this time traveling the country, then the world, as he slays, destroys, breaks and torpors various enemies of the Camarilla. He is a hunter, and one that is difficult to track or even remember. He uses this to his advantage. Rarely does he stay in the same place more than once.

1899: Embraces Rose MacKenzie (NPC)

1900 - 1938: More traveling the world.

1939 - 1945: Meets Ramona Jimenez, an Ancilla of Clan Brujah, and at her side roams Germany hunting Nazi aligned Sabbat.

1946 -2002: More roaming the world.

2002: Assists the Prince of Colorado Springs, Anadia Hughes, with removing troublesome elements from her city.

2002 - 2015: Goes to traveling the world once more, offering his services where needed. Most of this time is spent in the Middle East.

2016: Joined in the Middle East, where he had been for some time, by his Childe Rose and his Sire Matilda. Somewhere in the heart of the Middle East, just before he left for Colorado, both Rose and Matilda are destroyed. Gore survives whatever incident resulted in their destruction, and he has told no one in the family or the Camarilla just what happened.

2017: When the Prince of Colorado Springs sent out the call for aide in her troubles against the Anarchs, Gore was in the heart of Africa and received the call very late. But he heard over the Nosferatu grapevine, and for reasons his own he decided to respond. It took almost a year to make his way back to civilization. He then took a boat to America, where the Prince of Colorado Springs had a plane waiting for him. In July of 2017, he arrived.