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  • Embrace date: 87 CE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Sire: Tiamat
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Unknown
  • ST Point of Contact: Karl Fox - Lineage Project
  • Dignitas: Vaunted

Physical Description

Gotsdam is a large Viking man with pale skin, long white-blonde hair, and matching beard whose clothing is always a little bit out of date with the fashion of the times - he likes top hats.

Brief History

Gotsdam was a German barbarian warrior who was captured by the Romans when Rome waged war in middle-Europe. His sire, Tiamat, embraced him when she needed a pawn to use against her enemies, and simply abandoned him when he was no longer needed. Gotsdam fled from Rome and spent the next several hundred years along the Rhine, living in caves and feeding on animals and occasional tribesmen, often mistaken for a Gangrel by the rare kindred who crossed his path. Only when civilization finally encroached on the wilderness, did Gotsdam join the world of civilized kindred.

Current Status

Gotsdam has always felt as if the Camarilla had no place for him, but modern nights have changed that. During the Nights of Turmoil, Gotsdam began to speak favorably of Golconda and encouraged his children to do the same.

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 500 CE to 1450 CE, 1600 CE to 1700 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Any.
  • Path: Any. Path of Orion, Harmony, and even Feral Heart once had adherents.
  • Skills: Must possess any two of the following at 3+: Intimidation, Leadership, or Survival.
  • Special: Out of respect for their Sire, Gotsdam’s childer aid those pursuing Golconda.


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