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Commonly Known Information

Name: Grace Amos

Notable Traits: A pretty blonde woman. She often wears a leather jacket, or a crop top and skirt. What is truly memorable is her voice when she sings. She sings from the heart, rather than from extensive technical training. She primarily sings praise and gospel and protest music, with a heavy emphasis on themes of liberation and justice. She is very earnest about the need to help those who are oppressed.

Society: Anarch Movement

Clan: Daughters of Cacophany

Lineage: Childe of Ruby Atomic. Sire of Tris.


Social Justice Bard.jpg

Apparent age: In her 30s.
Place of birth: Pacific Northwest
Date of birth: 1963
Date of embrace: 1993

1963 – Born, Dawn Williams.
1991 – At 28, meets Lisa Marie in the Pacific Northwest. They sing together, vampire and human.
1992-1993 – Blood-bound as a ghoul to a cruel domitor.
1993 – Anais Moreau rescues her. Anais offers to embrace her, and she becomes her childe. From this point forward, she uses a new name and identity, Lucille “Lucy” Simmons, to make sure her ex-domitor doesn’t find her again.
1993-1995 – She travels with Anais.
1996-2005 – She travels on her own, visiting both Camarilla and Anarch territories.
2005-2007 – She returns to the Pacific Northwest, looking for old friends. She drifts down to Portland, which has become an Anarch territory (since 1999), and spends time there. She meets Phillip Downs and Jentry Nix, and befriends them.
2007-2008 – She is travelling on the east coast, and spends some time in Virginia. She meets a man, Tris, with an exceptional singing voice, and a good heart. She embraces him, as her childe.
2009-2016 – She travels on her own again, gradually making her way from the east coast back to the west coast.
2016 – She is back in the Pacific Northwest. She has befriended an Anarch woman in the Sea-Tac area named Pandora, and is part of her gang. A violent attack leaves her presumed dead.
2018 – She re-surfaces, indicating that she has been in torpor since the attack. She reaches out to her family, and is able to make contact with her childe Tris. Still frightened by her memories of the attack, she changes her name to Grace Amos.
2018 – Her childe meets up with her to confirm that it is truly her.


  • Was she really in torpor for two years, when she fell out of contact with everyone? There are other possibilities. None good.
  • What exactly happened with that ex-domitor of hers? She seems worried she might run into him again. But is that just an act? I don’t think anyone has ever heard her say his name. Maybe it’s just Anarch propaganda, and he never existed in the first place.
  • Someone recorded audio of her singing and distributed it to their contacts, where it sparked a movement.
  • [Insert more rumors here. Feel free to add one to my page.]
  • [Insert more rumors here. Feel free to add one to my page.]

Quotes About Her

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Associates (Both Friend & Foe)

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OOC Information

Character Inspirations

Inspiring Quotes

  • “No revolutionary movement is complete without its poetical expression.” – James Connolly
  • “Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” – E. Y. Harburg
  • “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • “The caged bird sings with a fearful trill, / of things unknown, but longed for still, / and his tune is heard on the distant hill, / for the caged bird sings of freedom.” – Maya Angelou

Historical Figures

  • Joan Baez

Songs on her tongue lately...
[1] - Bob Dylan, Make You Feel My Love
[2] - Johnny Cash, The Ring of Fire
[3] - Aqualung, Brighter than Sunshine
[4] - Sade, Your Love is King

Songs on her mind lately...
[5] - The Interrupters, Got Each Other
[6] - The Devil's Daughters, Pass That Bottle
[7] - Kobra and the Lotus, Black Velvet
[8] - The Speakeasy Three, When I Get Low, I Get High
[9] - Swingrowers, That's Right
[10] - Michale Graves, Dig Up Her Bones
[11] - Andrew W. K., Music is Worth Living For

Character Soundtrack
[12] - Joan Baez, We Shall Overcome
[13] – Chris Christensen, Let Justice Roll Down
[14] - Chimene Badi, Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
[15] – Tracy Chapman, Talking About a Revolution
[16] – Alison Krauss, Beulah Land
[17] – Eva Cassidy, Wade in the Water
[18] – Elena House, You Raise Me Up
[19] – T. L. Barrett and youth choir, Just Like a Ship
[20] – Kate O'Callaghan, Up Above My Head

OOC Information

Player: Kathy Empson

Player Email:

Storyteller: Aaron Gomez

Storyteller Email:

Location: Seattle, WA