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Name: Nikita "Grace of Heaven" Romanov
Tribe: Kitsune
Breed: Kojin (Homid)
Path: Gukutsushi/Dreamweaver (Philodox)
Rank: Fostern
Tails: 5

Age: 287
Apparent Age: 30-something
Aliases: Koizumi Arata, Grace, Kita, Nico, Murderdick

Notable Traits:

  • Background: Fame 5 - Roman "Nico" Nicolaev, world famous chef. (USA-NC-WA-1702-037167)
    • 3 Michelin Stars
    • Star of "Peasant to Palace", a television show showcasing:
      • Elevation of simple dishes and flavors
      • Spreading knowledge of cultural flavors, foods, and cooking techniques
      • Teaching up-and-coming chefs about locally-sourced, farm-to-table foods and zero-loss practices
      • Feeding people as inexpensively as possible
  • Complex irezumi tattooing that stops at his elbows and knees

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Homid: A Caucasian man in his middle years with a stocky build that's showing the beginnings of going to fat, Nikita nonetheless moves with the preternatural grace of the Kitsune. His silver hair creates an impression of greater age than his otherwise youthful features hold; laugh lines crinkle the deeply tanned skin of his face at the sides of brown eyes and the corners of his mouth, adding to the impression.

He is typically garbed simply, preferring loose, handmade clothing that is easy to move in and often in Asian styles; loose wrap pants and linen or muslin tunic-shirts. His constant companion has been a well-worn burlap travel bag and his wallet of knives and chef's tools. More recently, he has taken to adding darker colors, with silk and beautiful embroidery to his style; his burlap bag has gone missing, and weapons have become commonplace in place of his chef's knives.

Koto: Otherworldly, lithe, and beautiful with five lushly furred tails, one of which is a stark snow white that contrasts heavily from his black and silver coat.

Kyubi: In his fox form, Nikita is a silver fox with black fur on his face and ears.

GOH Bio.png
A child of Russia, in the age of the Tsars, little is known about Nikita Romanov's life before he came to the Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother near the turn of the 19th century. What *is* known is that whatever it was, it was sufficient that a pack of Silver Fang Garou pursued him into China and murdered his wife before they were driven off or escorted out of Beast Courts controlled lands. It is also known that for some reason which isn't spoken, he was soon banished to the island of Honshu, and not heard of in most circles for many years thereafter; a virtual blip on the radar of existence.

Those who did come to know him note that leaving the mainland, Grace of Heaven did not have any markings or tattoos, and when his name was once again spoken without rancor in public circles his arms, torso, and legs were said to be fairly covered in brightly colored irezumi. The Grace of Heaven who returned to public view was changed not only in physical appearance, but in spirit; a darkness and cynicism dimmed the eyes of this Kitsune for many a year. As time moved ever onward, the sense of joy and laughter returned to him, loosening the knots of whatever occurred in Japan until he was very nearly the carefree spirit one might come to expect of a Kitsune. Years and years were spent traveling the lands controlled by the Beast Courts, serving humbly as a messenger and scout as part of the Inari's Messengers camp of his Tribe.

With the coming of the Age of Apocalypse, the Kitsune were freed of their ancient oath to remain, and Nikita was one of the first to leave the lands controlled by the Beast Courts. Graduating from the Messengers with his fourth tail rather than his second, he set out to explore the world and spread joy as he went.