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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Graham Hindler (known mortal identity)


Society: Board of Directors, Iron Triangle Distributors, Ltd.

Position: Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Graham Hindler was scrawny kid. Despite an advantage in life given by his father in business, it took him time to rise. He was always older than the others when he gained his position, but once gained, it was steadfast and secure.

Hindler is a Company Man, everything he does is for the company. He works tirelessly, and has no family to worry about--he doesn't have the time. Work is Life, Life is Work. His Father's pull got him the job at Iron Triangle. He started as low management, then rose steadily through the ranks over the years, through use of his contacts and information.

Once he climbed to the ITD Board, Hindler used his incredible connections to get things done, as the Company needed them done, and sometimes the Board didn't know what he was up to. But he was also always the one that got the blame. When something didn't go right, even if it wasn't his department or in his purview to do anything about, he got the blame. Why? Because he was a street kid.



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By Graham Hindler

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