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Name: Zakyia Al'Wadi
Alias: Grandmother Weaver
Titles: Elder, Prince

Lineage: The Scattered Remainder
Sire: Xenos
Childer: Petro, Alicia, Aksel
Grandchilder: Azalea Baines, Jacob McCartney, Mystic, Catarina Al'Wadi
Adopted Childer: Declan Al'Wadi





Elderly: Seeming to be around 65 years in age
Eerie Presence: Solid white eyes, though it seems as though she can still see.
Craft: Her hands are constantly moving, whether it be spinning yarn or another craft.
Symbols: Though she can usually be seen adorned with alchemical symbols of all types, she favors the tree of life.

Above all else, Grandmother Weaver tries to show kindness to all she meets. She is caring, and spends her time making sure those around her are cared for. She gives warm hugs, soft smiles, and rarely gets upset in public, though many have tried. Though at times her appearance can be homely, too many years tending her flock of sheep, she is quick witted and intelligent, having served as a translator and linguist as a mortal. She can occasionally be seen talking on subjects from mathematics, architecture, botany, and the many lores she keeps. In the last century Grandmother Weaver has spent her time amassing a great library of oracular visions pertaining to kindred society both large and small, and is known to pay handsomly for first person accounts of said visions. Some say she weaves them into an eldrich tapestry she has been working on for centuries.

Usually dressed in more pattern than is socially acceptable, she wears the traditional clothing of the Roma lineage she claims. layered skirts and tunics covered by coats, capes, and hooded cowels, she usually wears only items created by herself or for her from allies and Kindred Artisans. She is elderly. Seeming to be in her late 60s. Her wrinkles are deep and her eyes are baggy. She looks to have lived a very long and trying life. Her eyes, though eerie (completely white) show vast emotional understanding. Her hair is salt and pepper grey and white curls which are usually either braided or cut short at her shoulders.


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  • "Well, I've had scarier clients, I guess. Want my advice, just speak politely, avoid looking in her eyes too long, and break for it as soon as you got what you needed." -William Hayle
  • "Like you know how we're all supposed to like be all omg, humanity, and like omg like woo we are like not these fucking like monsters with like teeth? So like, she's like that. All like sweet and shit." - Karma
  • "She helped keep me on the straight and narrow and taught me how to be more than just another wastrel. I mean, fuck, I'm still a wastrel, but she taught me how to be better." - Jacob McCarthy
  • "She educated me on my faults of hubris. My power meant nothing to the forces of nature. What warrior can drink an ocean, lift the world serpent, or wrestle death? There are laws above our control." - Egil Agmundr
  • "When I was a child, I remember hearing stories of fairy godmothers turning common girls into princesses, and protecting them with magic. Throughout my mortal life, I questioned the existence of my Fairy Godmother, but in my heart I knew she was real. The unexplained gifts, the conversations I had convinced myself were dreams... They were all real. Even after my embrace, my Fairy Godmother is looking out for me. Maybe I'm a different type of Queen than the fairy tale type, but that doesn't matter TOO much..." - Julian Motgomery-Westwood
  • "I have never seen destruction come from her hands. Respect the ones that weave." - Skoll
  • "A strange and mysterious creature, she has an aura about her I've not seen since the sibyls of Rome. Give this one a wide birth, and heed her words ." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "Honestly she is who I want to be when I grow up. I mean, Elder or not there's always room to grow..." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "She is not near as frail as she pretends." - Dmytriy Álas


  • It's a good thing she believes in Karma, she once lost a ghoul to a Ventrue after she stole his money pouch.
  • She is actually alterego for the Malkavian justicar.
  • There are those that give her their secrets that their stories may live on.
  • Once drove a Ventrue to wassail from obsession over one of her prophesies. Ironically prophesied that too.
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