Granny V Star's Sorrow

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Nothing in Gaia's creation is without purpose.

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Name: Granny - Star's Sorrow

Breed: Lupus

Tribe: Star Gazers

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Athro

Sept: Sept of Travler's Respite

Sept Position: Rite Master

Affinity: Concordant of Stars

Camp: Zephr

Age: 84 Years

Known as Wise


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Former Packs: Broken Sword (3).jpg - Fox's Kindled Ford.jpg


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  • Granny is a kind hearted soul.
  • She had a large family that spans many years locations and generations.
  • Family are very important to her. She is dedicated to peace and maintaining it.
  • She is a wise old sage, calm and patient. Highly introspective.
  • She seems to know things and always be where and when she is needed as if guided by Gaia herself. (Oracle Merit).

Special skills: Oracle Merit - Gift - Forge of the Fetish

Granny enjoys the company of spirits and sprawling forests. She dislikes cities and prefers the wilderness.

Known History

1938 - Born September 30th to kinfolk wolf mother- Garou Father unknown. On the India-Ganges Plains in the wilds at the foot of the Himalaya's

1927-1950 : Roamed the wilds living and breeding as a wolf. Had many litters of cubs.

1950: First Change

1951: Guided by Kitsune to the Stargazers.

1953-1966 - Lives with Stargazers, Earn's the deed name "Star's Heart" and is a respected and loved Den Mother.

1980-2009: Crosses the 'Big Water" to North America: Visions say she is needed there. Spent great deal of time in the america's tracking down unknown kinfolk and pointing them out to her tribe. Ensuring they are bred and cared for.

2009: Participates in Siege of Shigalu Monastery

2010: After losing so many of her children she vanishes from the nations radar. (Except from those few friends or family) Settling in the middle of nowhere in New Brunswick to seek the wisdom of the spirits.

2010-2016: Rumoured to live alone in the wilderness of New Brunswick.

Rumors About Granny:

  • She used to have another name and another life. But something broke her body and mind.
  • She enjoys guiding the young.
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Quotes About Granny:

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Quotes From Granny:

" There is nothing in all Gaia's creation that exists without the aid of other members of Gaia's creation. From a drop of water to a towering tree. We are all connected. "

" A rock in a pond creates ripples. Mind what you do, and say. The ripples may touch areas you had not foreseen."

" Who do you think you are? Are you an Athro? No - Are you on the Auspice Council? - No - then step back and let me handle this."

Granny's Kinfolk

Granny's Kinfolk:






Player: Ness Klohn,

Domain: House of Dark Tidings, Saint John, NB, Canada

VST: Chris Fougere,