Grant Pafdom

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Grant Pafdom "Revealer"

Society: Pander Movement

Clan: Pander


֍ Embraced: November 1936
֍ 1940: Upon hearing that the Louvain Library had burned down again, flees Europe in disgust with some other newly minted sabbat
֍ 1940-1957 Travels around The Eastern US with a nomadic pack.
֍ 1957 Fought in NYC during the 3rd Sabbat Civil war.
֍ 1960s Grant discovers LSD + Psilocybin...isn't really seen for the next 25 years
֍ Late 1980s Grant discovers computers...isn't really seen for the next 25 years
֍ 2012, looking for a city with a burgeoning Sabbat population and a robust public library system, Buffalo was a pretty clear choice.


  • "Man this guy hates the Tremere an awful lot...i think i heard him call them rogue thaumaturges"
  • "I know its something we preach, but this guy brings up the rise of the antediluvians kind of a lot."
  • "I love his bit about the Chicago Blood Accord being the document that Octavio meant with the 'Making and Breaking of the Compact of Kindred' bit of the eightfold prophecy."

OOC Information

Player: Kris Pitman

Player Email:

Storyteller: Colin Manley

Location: Buffalo, NY