Grasps the Bull

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Grasps the Bull by the Balls and Makes Low the Greed Swollen Pig

Notable Traits and Description:

Lupus: In Lupus Grasps looks like a mutt of a Australian Shepherd and a larger dog. His fur is burned and bald in spots, he has been visible castrated, and he has two different colored eyes.

Homid: Grasps is an androgynous person in their late teens early twenties. They wear beat up but functional clothing, often torn and bleached in places. They usually sport a number of bruises on their face and body, and red friction marks on their neck as if they've been strangled almost to death. It is a rare day thaat they do not have glitter on them somewhere, left over from whatever rave or party they went to the night before.

Pack: None

Sept: Sept of the White Fields




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OOC Information

Player: Brian Barnes

Player Email:

Storyteller: Vance Walsh

Storyteller Email:

Location: Western MA