Grave Tale

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Silent Striders
Name: Christopher Clark

Basics: Homid Silent Strider Galliard

Rank: Adren

Deed Name: Grave Tale

City: Anglesey, Wales

Pack: Wyvern's Storm

Faction: Unaligned

What He Tells The Nation About ... Ah ... Himself?

Ever since I was a kid I had always wanted to be a member of the Midnight Society. That younger version of myself would lay back, close his eyes, and imagine the feeling of coarse magic dust in a clammy hand, seconds drifting on as if hours as his young mind willed the dust to breath life the images into his head when the particles of dust touched the fire. I wonder how that younger version of myself would react to instead being part of a story featuring myths, monsters, and dire stakes. Actually he probably would think it was better than boarding schools and two families that seemed to view him as an outsider.

I'm a Strider. I move around a lot, collecting Lore, stories, tales, memories, myths, legends, bits of drunken bullshit, howls, thoughts, drawings, and images.

Book Flap Stuff (rumors and quotations)


- Never been part of a pack

- The Totem of his birth tribe rejected him

- Prefers the company of Fera to that of Garou

- Actually a Kinfolk pretending to be a Garou


- "This wolf is lucky to have GraveTale with them. They are wise about many things this wolf will never understand. And saved this wolf when was very sick. Grave Tale is good have with you if need help." - Lost Moon "Eagle's Relic Hunter

OOC Information

Player: Bernard Dawson

Player Email:

Storyteller: Liam Draper

Storyteller Email:

Location: Anglesey,_Wales