Grave Winter

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Grave Winter

Notable Traits:

Pack: Last Laugh

Sept: Phoenix, AZ


Grave Winter is a very old Wolf. His auburn coat has been leeched of its brightness by a dark grey color of his age. He moves with a slow steady pace of one unsurprised by what goes on around him. But at moments notice, can move with the deadly viciousness of garou a tenth of his age. In homid form, he wears very simple clothing to allow him to blend in with the sheep. He always wears a hooded jacket or cloak, keeping his aging features concealed.


Born in Siberia in the 1930's, from the time of his first change this Cresent Moon was in the thick of many battles with the Wyrm. He enjoyed combat nearly as much as the full moons. He has spent much of his life fighting and studying the Wyrm, and considers himself an authority on it, particularly the Black Spiral Dancers. Throughout his life he has had many mates, many pups that share his line. But this old wolf is not easy to get to know, or even like. He is set in his ways. He has seen much loss and death in his life, and carries a scowl on his lips that appears to be chiseled in stone.



  • He was once an Elder of the nation, but was punished for a great sin.
  • I've tried to talk to him about his life and family, but he becomes very close lipped. His face gives off a look of anger and sadness at the same time.


OOC Information

Player: Aaron Hanten

Player Email:

Storyteller: Byron Miracle

Storyteller Email:

Location: Phoenix, AZ