Great Pacific Grotto Protection

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The Tale of The Great Pacific Grotto Protection


The Great Pacific Grotto is a secure spot. Well-hidden and well-guarded. But sometimes things get too close. Such was the case of the yellow weaver fish. It was not natural and it was not welcome in our territory. Bright eyes shined into the darkness of the depths and many of undersea feared it. It’s skin not only hold the strength of steel, but had the power to shock any fish that brushed against it.

No one knew where it came from or what it’s purpose was. While most of the fish were wary of it, they still went about as they always have. That is how they are and why they need protection. But not the Rokea. We were charged to destroy it. The Weaver shall not get ahold of our seas.

A small Slew was gathered to deal with this problem and we swam through the sea water to engage this enemy. In many places of the great depths there are fish that are not what they appear to be at first. Small fish that can enlarge, docile fish with toothy jaws. When we encountered this stranger, we learned there was more to it then we imagined. It put up a fight. Needles shot out of it. They glanced against our tough skin, but would have felled a smaller, weaker creature. Mechanic arms deployed that delivered a stronger electric shock. The pain gifted only strengthened our resolve. It took longer than we expected, but we eventually took it down, rended it piece by piece with our jaws. Toxic life leaked from it as it drifted to the oceans floor, dead.

Where it came from, we do not know, what it’s purpose was, equally unknown, but our home was secure and the Sea, once again, protected.

As Sung by Abyssal Lullaby of the Open Sea, Dimwater
Through Sending, great images of the mighty fight are shown to Rokea.

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