Greg Weisman

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Greg Weisman

  • Creation date: 1493
  • Generation: 9th
  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch
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Known to ONLY Anarchs

  • Gang: Rock and a Hard Place
  • Greg was first created in 1493 in France and lived in servitude. When he managed to break free he fled to York. He lived there for some time before moving to America with the Puritans.


  • 1493 created in Tremere chantry in France
  • 1533 broke free, left France and fled across the ocean to York, England
  • 1539 Sired Apocryphus in York
  • 1600 Moved to the US following the Puritans
  • 1800-1990 Involved in the Anarch Railroad to help get Anarchs to Free States
  • 1850 Moved to Lincoln City, OR and set up inside the lighthouse out at the coast
  • 1999 In Portland for the Red Star coming and going, stayed in town.


  • He once sold a Tremere Anarch out to the Pyramid, which made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
  • Greg helps people escape from the Tremere, or other abusers. He has a vast network of lairs that he uses to hide people away until the heat dies down.


  • "It's always intriguing to teach a Kindred of stone how to interact with those made of simple flesh. Intriguing and, ultimately, satisfying. Well. It's satisfying when they learn as well as Greg Weisman, at least." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "My sire is one to be feared, or embraced. Depends on your blood and his desires." -Apocryphus
  • "He sort of keeps himself to himself, you know? Still, when it comes time for hands to get dirty, he doesn't shy away." -Jentry Nix
  • "I myself am not one to join any society, but I'm not surprised to see Gregory among the Anarchs. He and I share an appreciation for their passion and the cause of personal liberty." -Adyton
  • "Gregory has found a place for him among the Anarchs and I respect him for that accomplishment. We have similar views on personal freedom but I am too stubborn to change my ways. Still you will find him wisdom and cunning." - Chimera
  • "Wake from death and return to life." - Po
  • "When he speaks, I listen." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Once he imprints on you, you have a loyal and dedicated follower." - Zero

OOC Information

Player: Octavian D
Player Email:
Storyteller: Jim C. (IVST)
Storyteller Email:
Location: Portland, OR